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Sunday, February 12, 2006 :::

Ladies and Gentleman - this could explain what's going on at the State House and the Buffoonery on Lake Street.

According to this individual, there's an epidemic of sexually frustrated men who can turn homicidal at any moment.

Gina Ogden a "sex therapist" (what's that?)is writing a book called the "Heart and Soul of Sex"

“The dynamic is being repeated in household after household with the aggressive, sexual need that many men have and think if they don’t get it right now, they want to die. It’s a matter of life and death,” said Ogden.

That explains putting Walter at Brandeis and the execution of Talking about Touching using people with sexually deviant ideology.

As I've been saying all along - in order for folks who have excessive aggressive sexual preferences to "get it" - they need to tell children to give it to the people who coming along down the pike.

It's the groomer, the brainwasher.

Online records show that by October 2004 - one year after the couple’s marriage - Neil Entwistle had already started peddling smut online with steamy sites such as and and also had posted sex pics on another site he used to sell porn services.

Wait a minute now - where'd he get sex pics and who are the people in them?

There's something odd about the fact that the DAs keep saying Rachel and baby Lillian were shot in bed. According to the info that's out in the public square, there was no blood in the bed. When you shoot people, they bleed. Wouldn't the evidence lead you suspect they were shot somewhere else, cleaned up, and put into the bed after they had been dead for several hours?

Something is askew there.

I digress..

Anyhoo - bigpenismanual? What would possess an individual to visit a site likie that?

Out of curiosity to figure out the sexual freaks, I was tempted to go to the site and see what on earth the is so tantilizing that it's pumping out a nation of men who are sexually insane - but I know who the author is - and I'm sure whatever is there is stomach turning.

Look, here's another goon who is exploiting these poor individuals:

“Men who have problems can seek extra-marital affairs or escort services or Internet porngraphy because they don’t have the skills to deal with the problems in their marriage proactively and productively,” said Dan Pollets, a relationship and sex therapist in Medford and Wilmington. “That alone isn’t a motive for murder.”

At least this one has the decency to say that sexual and emotional ineptitude are not the lone motive for murder.

Sex therapists my eye.

We have a crew of people in power everywhere we turn who are plugging in educators with maladjusted and disordered connections between sexuality and the fullness of authentic love of two committed people.

These educators spend years working on children to disassociate their sexuality from the innate bonding and intimacy. They teach them to give into the urges when others come along and entice them using words or gifts - or whatever have you.

The dysfunctional intimacy that drives the Neil Entwistles or Walter Cuenins, Planned Parenthood/SEICUS whores of this world is being taught as a lifestyle - and all the Bishops, priests, sex therapists, Massachusetts legislative dingdongs don't what to make the connection to what is driving this sexually insane bus.

Those of us pointing to the drivers in an effort to get their passengers off the bus - are met with the same spirit that drove Neil Entwistle to execute his actions. Sometimes, it's our Bishops who find that counsel to be in keeping with where they want our children to end up.

We have many years of struggle ahead of us in keeping our children from the grips of these trecherous sexual luchicons groomed by lackeys of the disordered USCCB, the Chancery, the Massachusetts Legislature and Kinsey philosopers now in place everywhere we turn.

But - the good news is - their empire will be destroyed.

This is Christ's Church and He's fixing to save what belongs to Him from the counsel of the spirit that driving their bus.


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