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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 :::

The Klu Klux Klan Our Lady's Friends Operation in Newton had their meeting last night @ Our Lady Help of Christians...

Apparently, quite an interesting meeting - and about what you would have expected.

The same antiCatholic Taliban that has prohbited the authentic religion for the last 10 years that threw Fr. Coyne out as they did the rest of us - - showed up to demand that Walter be returned and/or that they choose Walter's replacement.

Surprisingly, there were several Walter disciples who stood up and said they should be ashamed of themselves for the (we welcome everyone but authentic Catholics) way they treated Fr. Coyne. Which, as a friend pointed out - certainly shows they have the ability to know the right thing to do - even when reject doing it.

Here's their press release:

OLF Press Statement – 02.06.06

Our Lady's Friends Calls for Healing and for Meaningful Lay
Involvement in Pastoral Selection Process

Group Calls on the Archdiocese of Boston to Ensure Comprehensive Process

Press Statement
Members of Our Lady's Friends are looking forward to promoting healing
within the parish of Our Lady Help of Christians, which continues to
go through a period of crisis. The group strongly believes that
healing can only be achieved by a pastoral selection process that
includes meaningful lay involvement by all in the parish. Thus, the
group is calling on the Archdiocese of Boston and Archbishop Sean
O'Malley to ensure a more comprehensive process that includes
meaningful consultation of lay parishioners and staff.

Our Lady's Friends believe that the upcoming selection of a new pastor
can contribute substantially to healing Our Lady Help of Christians'
parish. We applaud the Archdiocese's decision to return to the process
of involving the laity in pastor selection and view it as a message of
hope to all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston. We hope and
pray that this process will encourage the one third of the people who
have left Our Lady's to return and help in the rebuilding of our parish.

The parish consultation meeting on Tuesday, which has been set up by
the archdiocese, is a promising first step in the pastor selection
process. However, the decision of naming a new a pastor must be
deliberate and considered, and must include significant participation
by the staff and laity. We believe that one night of listening in a
hastily called meeting is not adequate. A hurried process will most
certainly not meet the parish's needs for healing nor ensure that the
next pastor is a good fit for Our Lady's.

Background Information

* Fr. Chris Coyne was sent to Our Lady Help of Christians parish
after the forced resignation Fr. Walter Cuenin at the end of September
* At the end of January, the Archdiocese offered Fr. Cuenin the
assignment as chaplain of the Catholic community at Brandeis
University, and Fr. Cuenin has accepted. Our Lady's Friends issued a
statement congratulating Fr. Cuenin and restating its request that he
also be granted the eligibility of being a pastor.
* On January 31, it was reported that Fr. Coyne requested his
transfer from Our Lady's parish, which was accepted by Archbishop
O'Malley. This weekend, Fr. Coyne gave a statement at all the Masses
that he will remain at Our Lady's until the new pastor is appointed.
* In a letter dated February 4, 2006 Bishop Richard Lennon, Vicar
General of the Archdiocese, announced that a meeting will be held to
allow Archdiocesan officials an opportunity to hear from Our Lady's
parishioners about the parish and its needs. The letter was included
in the bulletins distributed after Mass on February 4 and 5 and is
posted on Our Lady's parish web site.
* That critical meeting will be held on February 7, 2006, 7:30pm
in the Trinity Catholic High School auditorium, giving parishioners
only two days to prepare for the meeting and to consider how best to
express their thoughts and hopes for the parish and the qualities they
desire in a new pastor.
* OLF has already heard from many parishioners who will be unable
to attend due to the short notice. From what we know, the only
official communication regarding the meeting has been in the bulletin
given out after Mass and a posting on the Our Lady's parish web site
and no further attempts have been made to reach the former
parishioners who have stopped coming to Mass at Our Lady's.

Additional Resources
Our Lady's Parish web site: http://www.ourlad
Letter from Bishop Lennon regarding the meeting on February 7:
Our Lady's Finance Council report:

Our Lady's Friends web site: http://www.o
Our Lady's Friends statement regarding Fr. Cuenin's appointment as
Catholic chaplain at Brandeis University: _20060131.htm
Our Lady's Friends letter to Parish Pastoral Council citing Canon Law
to support the unjust nature of Fr. Cuenin's forced resignation: /OLF_PPC_20060110.htm

This is about making what they did to Fr. Coyne (and what they did to the rest of us prior to him) as the official diocesan Bryan Hehir heirarchal catholic charities welcoming program for pastors and laity.

Another example of how Bishops reward abuse - give abusers the power and look the other way while they keep shuffling people into their hands while calling it charity.

Let's send in our people to their democracy and nominate the Archbishop & Lennon as the sidekick?

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