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Sunday, February 19, 2006 :::

Joan Vertigo's column at the Globe today is insightful

''We're as clueless as anyone," groans veteran Democratic pollster Irwin ''Tubby" Harrison.

Brother, you said it.

The Democrats' best argument for change is that after 16 years of Republican governors, Massachusetts is losing jobs, population, and stature. ''The state has not moved forward, it has fallen behind. There is no economic plan," argues Secretary of State William F. Galvin, who considered but rejected a run for governor.

Galvin considered a bid?

Saint's preserve us!

If Healey wins, she will also be tempted to abandon the socially moderate positions she now embraces as a political candidate in Massachusetts. But that is a Republican weakness Democrats are unable to exploit -- until they resolve their own.

Describing the condition of Bay State Democrats, Harrison, the pollster, says: ''They're at a crossroads. Unless they change their message, their arguments, their themes, they're in real trouble."

A few weeks ago, I watched carefully the reactions of the Massachusetts legislature when the messengers stood before them and the energy in the room overwhelmingly gave them the message - the immoral sexualization of our children will no longer to tolerated - just to see if they heard it.

What do you think? a friend asked.

"Nah", I said, "they didn't hear a thing, but the good news is, the revolt was palpable and that alone may have taken away their momentum. Innate preservation may overcome their willingness to take the chance. That's what we have left."

I know many people standing like Custer in the Democratic party just to be in their faces I suppose - - but truth be told, the words Catholic and Democrat are paradoxical. You can no more be a Catholic Democrat than you can be a Catholic Klu Klux Klan member. Face it, the party is gone.

I stayed with the agenda for a long time because of their economic policies. I'm not a fan of the trickle down economics of wealthy Republicans. But the closer I got to God and the more I wanted my own will to conform with His will for me, the more I understood the history of God's empirical designs and collapses when communities rejected His Divinity and Omnipotence - -I realized that I was just feeding into the oppression. God does not bless a community or an initiative that rejects His message and His messengers. In mercy, His oppressions either lead to repentance and freedom from slavery - - or they lead to destruction. There's no in between. There's just a patient time when His messengers work to recruit while begging the Pharoahs and Kings to give in. The two go on their trajectories towards Paradise or destruction.

What I find fascinating is that the whores of Babylon announce the collapse and the fix needed to avoid it:

Just like the national party, Massachusetts Democrats need a message. But first, they need a messenger.


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