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Monday, February 27, 2006 :::

Isn't it oh-so jolly now between the Globe and the Chancery

Yes, we're all uplifted they say.

Yes. It's a regular party around here.

Makes you wonder if everything you read in the Globe is spin.

Don't get me wrong, having one's child confirmed is an occasion for much celebration and joy. Always has been, always will be.

I'm talking about the Globe's sudden spin - they went from getting quotes from nothing but rummaging up macabre quotes from the schismatics - to finding people to say that they're kissing his ring and how handsome he is.

Sorta weird.

Like finding the Klu Klux Klan with their hoods around their necks planted in front of your parish to hand you roses on your way inside.

As refreshing as the spin me cyincal but... what's safe bout dat?

Meanwhile, the Herald made it a point to have some quotes from the disgruntled to offset the Globe.

Interesting how the parishioners describe their operation that can't get along with the neighboring parish as being "Italian". These are the ladies who used some good old "italian" muscle to push the statue of the Blessed Mother off the pedastal when nobody was looking to say she was despondent and hoped off by herself.

You can just taste the 'hatred' the pastor talks about in the journalist's quote about the "spaghetti dinner raid" - can't you?

Not exactly unconditional love talking there. Fact is, if these same "Italians" had unconditional love for the folks in the "neighboring" parish - that statue would have hoped right into Fr. Belschner's parish adorned with flowers and ribbons with money on them.

Sure are interesting times.

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