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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 :::

In a continuing battle against what many of the state’s faithful call an unfair bias against Catholics, the Archdiocese of Denver has uncovered a previously unseen, but sordid list of sexual abuses by many of Colorado’s public school teachers.

Good for them!

Recently, all three of Colorado’s bishops blasted proposed state legislation which seeks to eliminate or modify statutes of limitation allowing sexual abuse victims to wait up to 40 years before filing suits against Catholic and other private institutions in the state.

The problem, they say, is that the bills would unequally punish the Catholic Church while public school teachers and coaches accused of abuse would--because of state sovereignty laws--be all but exempt.

In a letter, read last week to all parishioners in the Archdiocese, Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput said that every one of the proposed pieces of legislation “ignores the serious problem of sexual abuse in public schools and other

The Legislators know children are being raped - Planned Parenthood and their physicains testify to it right out of their own mouths.

It's antiCatholicism - the legislative Klu Klux Klan.

Speaking of which - sad news from Mexico - -

Code: ZE06021322

Date: 2006-02-13

Desecrations Prompt Church Closings in Mexico

Blessed Sacrament and Sacred Vessels Stolen in La Paz

LA PAZ, Mexico, FEB. 13, 2006 ( Incidents involving desecration have prompted the Diocese of La Paz, in Baja California, to close 200 chapels and churches to visits until March.

Masses will be still allowed during this time, Bishop Miguel Ángel Alba Díaz said in a communiqué issue over the weekend.

The statement came in the wake of the desecrations at the Cathedral of La Paz, the Shrine of Guadalupe and two parishes of the municipality of Comondu.

The chapels and churches will be closed to visits by the faithful, and bells will be silenced.

"On March 3, the diocesan churches and chapels will be reopened for prayer and visits by the faithful," said Bishop Alba Díaz as quoted in the newspaper Milenio.

"We decree that every Friday, until March 3, a Mass be celebrated in the cathedral and a holy hour held in reparation for all the sins committed in the diocese against the holy Eucharist," he said.

The theft of sacred objects and those of worship, as well as of sacred art, is taking place in La Paz in broad daylight.

Within the past week, the tabernacle of the cathedral was stolen, as well as a chalice and the Blessed Sacrament.

"This sacrilege is a grave sin," the bishop said in his statement. "If it was committed by Catholics, canon law sanctions it with punishments reserved to the Apostolic See, and if it was committed by non-Catholics, in addition to being a serious crime, it represents a strong and painful offense to what is most sacred of our beliefs.

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