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Saturday, February 25, 2006 :::

I think this is a hoot

short version follows: Two chaplains at Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton, one a widower, the other surviving a divorce, fell for each other and decided to get married. These were good, God-fearing people who spent their days counseling the sick.

Frank Gates understood that his impending marriage might cause a problem with his chaplain's job. As a Catholic deacon, he was forbidden by church doctrine to be remarried. So he told his superiors at the hospital about his plans and, with their full understanding, sought a promotion to a secular job as director of guest and volunteer services.


Why forbidden - all the process entails are dispensations and annulments.

Frank, 68, and Pauline Gates, 60, got married in June. Some friends and colleagues at Good Sam, as the hospital is known, gave them cards. Others gave them gifts. Bishop Richard Lennon of the Boston Archdiocese gave them something entirely different. He gave them the ax.

The article goes on to skewer Lennon because he applied the doctrine - a perfect example of how promoting Sean (who is at odds when on the rare occasion Lennon tries to discipline with the Magisterium) affects righteous actions.

Did you notice how the Globe is running PR for Sean now?

All of a sudden, their all friends.

First, a word about Lennon: trouble. It seems like whenever anything goes awry in the archdiocese, Lennon's hand can usually be felt, whether in the removal of a popular parish priest in Newton for reasons that are dubious at best or the lockout of kids at a parochial school in Brighton for no apparent reason at all.

In August, Lennon summoned Frank Gates to the Brighton chancery and told him that Pauline would be terminated as a hospital chaplain. And that wasn't all.

''Bishop Lennon then shocked me by telling me that I would probably be terminated, as well," Gates wrote under oath in a complaint filed this month with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination by his lawyer, Adam Whitney.


''I asked the bishop for mercy and stated that, if both my wife and I were terminated, we would have no income," Gates wrote. ''The bishop had no mercy. He stated that my marriage to Pauline had caused a 'scandal' and that people still thought of me as a deacon."

Six days later, the Gateses were called into the human resources office at Good Sam, fired and then escorted to their cars. Their transgression: being human, getting married. Would it be that the church had handled pedophilic priests with such dispatch.

..and there is where the truth comes in. But truth be told - the actions of removing what is threatening to children wouldn't at all be glorified by the Boston Globe.

Now's a good time to pay respects to Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley, elevated this week to cardinal. He's a benevolent leader who labored over a fair settlement with abuse victims, sold his mansion to help pay for it, and lives in a state of austerity. But he continues to allow Lennon and other holdovers from Cardinal Bernard F. Law's tenure to set the tone. Now more than ever, O'Malley, the cardinal, needs to become his own man.

I wonder why they didn't run this PR in the Pilot.

Don't get me wrong - - I'm not a fan of B. Lennon's for a lot of reasons - but in this case, the man took the right action.

You men who call yourselves holy - go pay your respects so the Boston Globe can run a picture of all of you and Sean and hold it up to the Holy See - - meanwhile those of us trying to do what we can to remove people who are seducing and stealing our faith and children from Christ will be treated to the likes of the Bishop's new PR people on Morrissey Boulevard - the Boston Globe.

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