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Sunday, February 19, 2006 :::

I have several men friends who are righteously attending the men's event with Fr. Corapi and Scott Hahn who are upset with me over my comments about the holy men kissing the arse of the Bishop while he indoctrinates children into sexuality and sets up a schism within.

Yesterday, a good friend in Christ asked me what the objective was in doing so.

I'll tell you what - how about exposing duplicity?

Let's start with a parable:

Archbishop Pell is under the schismatics fire

A GROUP of leading liberal Catholics has complained to the Vatican that Cardinal George Pell is teaching inaccurate and misleading doctrine.

Sounds like Eric McFarrten.

I digress...

Spokesman Frank Purcell went further, accusing the cardinal of fostering an "Eichmann mentality" whereby people in the church did not think for themselves but simply obeyed orders. (Adolf Eichmann was the Nazi in charge of exterminating Jews in World War II.)

Now certainly, we all know who's complaining and what they are complaining about when the target is AB Pell.

I've seen the discernment go askew in every direction. Even people who will the Will of God for themselves and pursue it - seem to have confused concepts of "obeying" and "loyalty".

When a Bishop sets up a schism, indoctrinating children into Planned Parenthood and puts every heretic known to people in the truth in charge of enlightening Christ's people - you may have people who think they're mission of holiness is to put on the face of obedience to his shtick in the public square.

But, that's not the same thing as the schismatics is it. We're not called to expose Mayor Menino and Catholic Charities but cover up for the leaders of the Men's Conference and Archbishop O'Malley are we

If you had a problem with Catholic Charities has an event to do God's work and as part of the shtick invites Menino, holds him in a position of honor, then logic has to prevail when the leaders of the Men's Conference holds up Archbishop O'Malley in a place of honor at an event that is meant to do God's work.

Those of us fighting off the agenda of schism and Planned Parenthood and sexualization of children for decades knows damn well what this Bishop did in the past two years to our religion but most people, who are not involved in the nitty gritty, are confused over what's happening.

Here's a story in the National Catholic Register that proves my point exactly.

Here's a Bishop willing to take a stand at what we all know is going on - and Bill Germino says he's as proud as a peacock that they worked with the Archdiocese to allow Margaret Roylance and Larry Kessler et al to have the opportunity to bait children into questions about sexuality and answer them, refer them to sexual partner programs and give out contraception and advice on abortions.

It's safe now, says Bill Germino.

Boston the following year, a group of parents from Norwood, Mass., were alarmed enough to form the Concerned Catholic Parents Group. They were concerned with the program’s explicit naming of body parts, its usurpation of the parents’ role as primary teachers and its mandatory student attendance policy. They felt the program had been selected hastily to limit the legal liability of the archdiocese.
When Archbishop Sean O’Malley was installed in Boston July 30, 2003, parents brought him their concerns about the program. The archbishop asked then-Auxiliary Bishop Richard Malone, the secretary for education, to assemble a committee to study Talking About Touching.

A panel of psychologists, researchers, education experts and moral theologians reviewed the programs. According to Joan Cole Duffell, director of community education for the Committee for Children, “their clear recommendation was to continue use of the Talking About Touching program in the archdiocese.”
Some changes were made, however.

“The program has been adapted and modified for teaching in the religious education environment,” said Terrence Donilan, spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese. “It has been aligned with the archdiocese’s religious education curriculum guidelines and the Catechism to allow its principles to be taught in a Catholic catechetical framework.”

“We worked very hard to get some changes made to this program, and ultimately that’s what happened here in Boston,” said Bill Germino, coordinator for the Concerned Catholic Parents Group.

Parents in the archdiocese now have an opportunity to opt out of the program.
“But the overwhelming majority have allowed their children to stay in the program,” Donilan said.

Of course, because Bill Germino caved - some simpleton told him it was naughty to go against his Bishop and let's find a compromise. They sat Bill down and sweet talked him.

The result was the same thing the Massachusetts legislature just did a few weeks ago. Alice Wolf et al held up their program "Frameworks" and said "show me where it says that people are talking about abortion and condoms."

Of course it's not in the resources. The evidence is in the Planned Parenthood testimony - when every cretin stood before them and said they children have sex, it's a known fact and parents are keeping them from counseling them on the healthy choices of condoms and abortions.

The craven cave and people like Fr. Mullen and Bishop Vasa and standing in the public square to be assaulted with their children behind them - truly being protected. It's only a matter of time before they get them, but Bill Germino is quite proud of himself and will hold up AB O'Malley's program as something that is now "safe".

How do you think that helps Fr. Mullen and Bishop Vasa?

There's nothing sanctified about cowardice at the expense of children. This is what happened to society - men became spineless. Few Bravehearts willing to hold out against people who come to assault women and children.

What is going on in the Men's Conference is no different than what is going on at Catholic Charities.

Wanting to feed the poor is righteous, wanting to be holy and hear Fr. Corapi is righteous - but the minute you throw onto your agenda a Menino, a Traviglini, an Alice Wolf or a Bishop O'Malley - don't expect me to validate your "obedience" and "charity".

It is what it is.

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