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Thursday, February 16, 2006 :::

Here's a story that will curl your hair

According to her later account, she was referred to TARA by the Seattle Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church. TARA was run by two extraordinary peopleā€”a nun and a priest who had formed a highly unusual professional and personal partnership. Sister Fran Ferder and the Rev. John Heagle practiced as internationally known therapists while advancing what for the church were subversive ideas about sexuality and church hierarchy.

The referral system - we know it well here in Boston.

Curiously little is known about TARA's inner workings outside the church. But some observers have their suspicions. Timothy Kosnoff, an attorney who is handling a number of the abuse plaintiffs who won from the Spokane Diocese a historic settlement offer this month, says of Ferder, probably the best known of the pair: "She was an insider. She kept their secrets."

Curiously, the nun doesn't mention why she isn't in jail.

Port Townsend attorney James Bendell deposed Ferder in 1995 for an abuse case because of her role at the time in screening seminarians. He gleaned little information but makes similar assumptions. "She ought to be doing sackcloth and ashes that she was part of the system," he says.

Furthermore, she was the one hiring them.

Archbishop O'Malley's laity program which hires and deploys sexually depraved philosophers to talk about touching has nothing in their shtick.

They don't know nothing about how pervs are getting inside - honest! Trust them!!

He contrasts their work with that of some of the other facilities that handled offending priests, including the former House of Affirmation in Massachusetts, run by a priest who was himself accused of molestation and moved to Mexico. Amid such sexual dysfunction and hypocrisy, Berry believes, the TARA team tried to get the clerical hierarchy to focus not just on abuse but on the larger culture of sexuality inside the church. "The writing that Fran Ferder and John Heagle have done is certainly on the cutting edge of Catholic polemics," Berry says.

Brace yourselves kiddos:

Their co-written book, Tender Fires: The Spiritual Promise of Sexuality, makes the case for a new, healthier vision of Christian sexuality based on joy rather than sin. They have also issued support for homosexuality, a position that has earned them the title of "dissidents" among orthodox Catholics and put them at odds with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, whom Ferder once called "woefully ignorant of recent findings on human sexual development."

They can keep it going in Boston, too, for as long as they refuse to sit down and ask Mary Jane England, Suzin Bartley, et. al., and the entire their sexually depraved ideologists doing their Talking About Touching program in every parish whether the allegations (about their ideology) mothers and fathers bring forward are truthful and instead, attack the mothers and fathers.

As they turn to walk toward their offices from the lobby, Heagle gently sends Ferder forward by putting his hand on the small of her back.

The children find that endearing, I'm sure.

They live and work in the same house, teach together, and write books together. Together they belong to what they call a "support group" of friends who socialize and take trips, composed of three priests and three nuns. It seems as close to marriage as a nun and priest in good standing can get.

These are the people the diocese chose to launch their safe sex environments - gee, what's the connection there?

A Paraclete psychiatrist flew to Seattle to discuss the case in TARA's offices. As Ferder remembers, the psychiatrist said: "We really believe that his problem is a maturity problem and that if he's got a healthy community of adults around him that are supervising him, he'll be able to make good contributions to ministry."

"In those days, we were kind of like, gosh, I don't know," Ferder says. "But they're the experts."

What's their gripe with Law then?

That's exactly what he did, what he said and the reasons why he believed the shrinks.

Do you think there's an agenda or something?

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