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Saturday, February 04, 2006 :::

Here's another one from the mailbag - this one was a forward from an email that was authored by a local lunatic (John Ansley) who wants us to believe him when he accuses priests of misconduct:


I am writing to make you aware that I was checking the links at your website ( and noticed one link to the old blog

This used to be a Blog operated by Paul Melanson until he abandoned it and created La Salette Journey. Someone has hijacked this old blog and changed the material. It now reads "The musings of a nerd" and contains references from the Baltimore Catechism. All of this using Paul's name.

I wondered just who might have hijacked Paul's old blog in an attempt to embarass him or make him look bad in some way. So I entered in the user name "Kaz" - which is given in the blog. Not knowing the password, I used the service which offers of typing in your email and then Blogger forwards your password to you. I tried several emails and had no luck. When I tried this one: I got lucky and received this message:

Check your email We found your user account, and just sent you an email message with further instructions about how to recover your password.
If the email from this page doesn't seem to arrive, you might check your Spam folder in case the message got mis-routed. Please make sure that your INBOX is not full so that this message does not bounce.
If the email still doesn't arrive within 15 minutes, or if you experience any other problems, please contact Blogger Support.

This means that Carol McKinley is the one who has hijacked Paul's former blog. This would also explain the rank hostility Ms. McKinley has shown Paul in the past. I would like to think that you are not part of this.

Would you be so kind as to remove this old link? If not, Paul will have to put up a disclaimer at his blog regarding this situation.

I am concerned about several emails which Paul received and which referenced the Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society website. It would appear that someone was posting there who either has a connection to Ms. McKinley or it may have been Ms. McKinley herself.

It would appear that there is some sort of agenda here to attack Paul for some reason. Someone has also been attempting to hack Paul's email. At this point, I have my suspicions.

I greatly appreciate your attention in this matter.

John Ansley

Do you think he's completely insane adn believes it or did he deliberately make it all up in an act of vengence?

Whatever it is, it's NUTS!

This is the exact reason why I said my family would be unsafe in the same building with the man - who knows what he'd accuse anyone of...I'd mosey on down the road from any parish he was in - - that's what I call "safe".


Is he affiliated still with Holy Cross?

Somebody ought to drop a dime there and clue them in - I wouldn't want him on campus...and that's the truth.

It's diabolical and who knows where he'd take things if they didn't go along with his accusations.

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