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Saturday, February 04, 2006 :::

From the Mailbag

I got quite a number of enchanting emails from readers who've been fighting off the Chancery Planned Parenthood office commenting upon my posts on Fr. Chris Coyne and Marie antiCatholic St. Fleur from the Klu Klux Klan office at the State House.

I thought this one was the most creative:

Magisterial Fidelity has gone from this:

to this:

Wanted the powerpuff for a new blog logo!

For the record - -Marie is a whole different can of worms. She's an antiCatholic bigot who thinks feeding the children of poverty stricken families pornography, sexually empowering them with Planned Parenthood, giving them condoms and medications for the HIV and STD's they get once she whores them to the pimps of Planned Parenthood - is a strategy for a better life. She's an ignorant of the truth because she's trampled and rejected it. She can't see how the pent up rage from the life she is leading children towards (the sexual abuse and statutory rape she implies is a cure for their poverty)is leading to depression and violence, self loating, low self esteem, poor grades, dropping out of high school - etc.

Fr. Coyne was used by Bishop Lennon and O'Malley and Planned Parenthood, lulled into believing that the situation they were dealing with was simply a bunch of misguided dimwits who needed a shepherd to be nice to them....if only Don Quixote would be witness to the truth - the morons would all follow it whilst they let the philosophically & sexually perverted offer them their edcational program along side of it - "in peace"

I don't see the difference between this and Jenkins at Notre Dame. In fact, I don't see the difference between this and Paul Shanley...and anyone in the truth doesn't either.

Being "nice" to Paul Shanley while letting him recruit children his ideas - was the error in judgment. The critical error. The egregious error.

Applauding Jenkins or the Chancery for the same error - I'm not on board with.

I'm not on board with the Men's Conference lookin the other way to O'Malley's version of it whilst bringing in Fr. Corapi and all holding hands with O'Malley at the end singing Kumbaya.

I'm not on board with honoring this Bishop in our faces...any more than I'd be on board with their honoring Menino.

I am on board for listening to Fr. Corapi - but when they bring in O'Malley - evacuate the building and let it stand as a testimony to the truth of what's going on in this diocese.

II always got the sense that Fr. Coyne wanted to see the truth - which is a lot different than the people operating up at the Chancery who know we are speaking the truth and are putting on a deceptive charade to protect people with sexually corrupt ideas they put into place to counsel children.

The years we spent telling Fr. Coyne that people were being terrorized emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, by small groups of people led by whacky women who want to give children lessons on how to stimulate private parts in our communities "safely" and authentic Catholicism was prohibited - you know - call me intuitive - but me thinks he gets it now.

Good luck to him trying to find a place to go - because there was a day and time this could have been stopped - but instead the buffoons empowered them.

His quote after meeting with Voice of the Faithful -"the Bishops see nothing divisive about Voice of the Faithful" the fruit of such meeting was a press release from VOTF saying Archbishop O'Malley was putting them in charge of children's safe sex programs (and we know meetings went forward with Rizzutto to execute those plans now in every parish) have a whole new meaning. I don't think he deserved this - no more than any of the rest of us did.

It's the Bishops' job to the put the kibosh on this initiative and prevent them from abusing people - not Coyne's.

Quite frankly, what they did to him - is the exact reason why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's infuriates me.

I'll post Coyne's letter which he placed in the bulletin later - can be found on Our Lady's website in the bulletin - -

Quite frankly, I think we should storm the place with our pamphlets and drive them out ourselves before they do it to another priest.

Not exactly the stuff powder puffs are made from is it?

(as an fyi - a good friend in Christ who disagrees with me quite often actually, made the jpg's...he's a great man, a fabulous father in Christ and they are expecting a child soon - please keep them in your prayers).

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