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Saturday, February 11, 2006 :::

Come on down to Massachusetts and get your teeth clean and healthy.

Police arrested Matarazzo Thursday, after he told them that two of his patients performed oral sex on him about six and eight times, respectively. ''I never used protection, because I just have them perform oral sex on me, and I would have these females take their shirts off," he told police, according to the report.

Beg pardon, but where was his staff while this was going on?

Pretending they didn't know?

Here's another does that come about anyway?

Think about it....there you are, sitting the chair thinking this is on the up and up...and the next thing you know, he tells you it's time to take off your shirt and give him oral sex and get your prescription for OxyContin.

How many women did he ask and why didn't they call in the authorities, that's what I want to know.

Somebody finally spoke up:

It is not clear how Maceachern, who was never a patient of Matarazzo's, became aware that he was writing prescriptions in her name. She could not be reached for comment.

Maceachern told police she went to Matarazzo's office to confront him. The dentist allegedly admitted to writing the false prescriptions and then offered to pay her $100 a week if she remained silent.

That sounds like the same thing the mothers of sexual abuse victims did for years in the archdiocese. They took the money and kept their mouth shut.

Why don't they leave the guy in there and just tell the story about it to all the kindergartners in Quincy?

That's how the USCCB handles these kinds of things.

Check this out:

Church Says Bishop's Actions Not Sexual

A retired priest from Sioux City is off the hook in an investigation by the Roman Catholic Church.

Retired Bishop Lawrence Soens has been accused of sexual abuse, but the church has decided his actions weren't sexual, though it does admit they may have been inappropriate.

The allegations were made in April 2002 by a former student of Regina High School in Iowa City, where Soens, who retired in 1998, served as principal from 1958 to 1967.

Soens was accused of repeatedly twisting the nipples of his accuser and running his finger up and down the accuser's private parts.

Certainly all makes sense now why the Bishops choose people with sexually deviant philosophies to examine what constitutes sexual abuse - while labeling mothers (who know how perverts operate and keep them away from danger zones) who'll blow the whistle on them.

Speaking of which - I'm starting a new endevour - a new 501 C3 called the Catholic Pundit Watch. It will be very similar to what I'm doing here on the blog in terms of a mission - - an effort to caution mothers and fathers by exposing the unsafe environments for authentic Catholics families and children. It will have targets, such as McBrien, the National Catholic Reporter, Planned Parenthood operation in Boston (both inside and outside the Roman Catholic Church) - - Bishops, priests, laity who are dangers to our children. It will be going to the press, the Bishops, the diocescan insurance companies, the lawyers, the attorney generals, the Nuncio, the Holy See, etc.

I have several people who have been offering me money for years to do it in way that gives the operation more ability to leverage - because, at the end of the day, it takes money to do it correctly. Certified mail, express mail so we can track the accountability on who knew what and when they knew it, etc.

More news forthcoming -

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