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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 :::

Boy's suspension in harassment case outrages mother

This woman is apparently unaware of the Anthony Rizzutto/Planned Parenthood attrition operation!

Had to find out the hard way!

What a tragedy for the child who is baffled and confused.

Dorinvil is a stay-at-home mother who said she has raised her only child in the conservative moral tradition of Haitian evangelicalism.

She and her husband, Philippe, a school bus driver in Boston, do not let their son watch secular television and have signed up for cable so he can watch religious cartoons.

She said Gosselin called her on Jan. 30 to tell her ''my son was in trouble over a girl." At school, where she found her boy in tears, she said she was informed he had violated the school's sexual harassment policy and would be suspended.

This is on the the Planned Parenthood/Archdiocescan naughy mothers list:

Dorinvil said her son has said he does not want to return to Downey because they are ''too mean." She said he is confused over the recent turn of events in his life -- and has questions she finds difficult to answer.

''He doesn't even know what that word 'sexual' is. I don't see how I'm going to explain it to him," she said. ''I can't. He's just too young for that."

Lady - take your kids and run.

Lunatics are on the loose and they're everywhere you look.

Time to home school!

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