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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, February 19, 2006 :::

The Archbishop's education committee headed by Walter Cuenin disicples is launching an effort to recruit children to Walter's ideology.

Under the theme “Your Hope. Our Passion. Their Future,” ...


Research has shown that the majority of students with a Catholic education go on to be productive members of society who are involved in the life of the Church, she added.

Just ask their poster people - Menino, Traviglini, and the Massachusetts Legislature.

This was my favorite part:

We need to get the word out that these schools are a viable option for any family,” said Carolyn Lynch, president of the Lynch Foundation which funds innovative programs in the areas of education, health care, religion, and arts and sciences

Nice way to put it, "innovative".

“We believe in Catholic education— I think all the Catholic colleges and universities would say that. We’re always willing to help,” he added.

The archdiocese is helping people every day.

How precious.

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