Magisterial Fidelity
A Roman Catholic Mom from Boston

Send help.
Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, January 01, 2006 :::

Subject: your website

Dear Patrick and MaryBeth,

Fascinating website you have here!!

I see that you claim to be working closely with our Bishops and priests to bring about a "better mutual understanding about the concerns of Catholics--economic issues, abortion, the strengthening of our parishes, and support for community life"

You're the bunch of schismatics working with Hehir and Bishop O'Malley and the legislators for a "better understanding" than that of the Catechism and Magisterium and Constitutional law, I presume?

The reason why we are collaborating in abortion at our Catholic Hospitals and rejecting the edicts of Rome on Gay Adoptions for the "recommendations" of "committees"?

Seek to encourage a constructive dialog between the Massachusetts Catholic Conference and the large scientific community here over the therapeutic prospects and ethical imperatives related to stem cell research.

You worked with the Mass Catholic Conference (Byran Hehir, Ed Saunders, I presume) and the Bishops to make cloning legal (while Maria and Dan were being hoodwinked)?

At least you have the decency to admit it, far more reliable source of what's going on than the press releases being spun out of the Chancery.

The only thing that has any foundation in truth is your hubris against our pro-life President. (we indeed DO support him). The teaching in the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty. Whoever told you it did, is a liar. It's to be reserved for when sociopaths are ordering murders from prisons, etc., to protect the common good.

I note also that you support the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein who oppressed women and children, tortured, murdered and slaughtered them at will in the name of "peace". You are a dis-grace to the honor of the men and women whose bodies lie in Arlington National Cemetery. Were you to have your way, blacks would be slaves and the regime of Hitler would still be advancing in "peace". Your treason sickens me to the core of my being.

The the point of my email:

"Apparently one’s rhetoric about abortion and gay marriage are more important to these individuals than actually doing what the Church teaches—namely caring for others."

I will not respond in this correspondence to the slander and libel and misinformation you allege on your website against me and others. I would like to speak directly to your attorney to see if we can clear up the situation at your earliest convenience.

The day of reckoning for people posing as Roman Catholics, operating their shtick under the Crucifix while leading our people into temptations and evils has arrived.

On this feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
I remain under her mantle,
In Christ and with Christ,
Carol McKinley

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