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Saturday, January 07, 2006 :::

One of the Conservative Crank Phamphlateers who stood in front of Hotel to undermine all the "reasonable" Catholics headed up by Bettinelli who were tarred and feathered because of our conduct, who neither the Bishops not the proabort schismatics retreat from, writes and says:

I went to the RCAB (Archdiocese) website to complain
that the top photo banner has Menino standing next to
the Archbishop (a place of honor). But the photo is
changed after a very very long time. It is replaced
by an aweful photo with overlapping blurred people and
a man at the podium with his head cut off (Could that
be the decapitated MCC? hahaha). Why the confusion in
the photo? Did an orthodox Catholic play a joke or
was a gay pro-abort angry that Menino taken off?

(Member: The Twelve Phampheteers)

So I scurried off to the RCAB website....and sure enough...another schismatic's nightmare!!!

That strip of pictures across the top used to have a picture of the Archbishop with Menino standing side by side, both smiling away at the Catechetical Educational Convocation, where Menino testified to his wonderful Catholic formation... and now, the picture is GONZO!!

Somebody drop a dime to McFadden and the "Massachusetts Democratic Schismatics" mean Massachusetts Democratic Katholics"!!

The RCAB got rid of Menino faster than you flick a leech off your body! They were so desperate, they thought it was better to have a headless person at a podium in it's place.

Later, the phamphlateer wrote:

They only changed the first page and some other pages
of the RCAB website - other pages (press releases)
still has mayor at the right hand of the father.
Sean never flushes the toilet completely like Cardinal O'Connor.

Gentleman, a word to the wise: When you're taking the scumbags off your website as we expose them, you have to remove them from every page.

I got a phone call today from a priest friend to tell me that the Presbyteral Council notes were in the mail to me....(and brace myself)

Apparently, right near the part where Fr. Paul Ritt (who was elevated to Regional Vicar after making his ideas clear to the AB on the Presbyteral Council) basically tells AB O'Malley that he was mighty grateful for his letter which diffused the horrible Vatican directive that sexually active homosexual men be rejected and ejected from the seminaries....there is some explanation regarding why Catholic Charities "honored" Mayor Menino - - the people at Catholic Charities didn't know about the Mayor's prior public statements rejecting the teachings of the Church and suggesting that people who believe and execute them are hateful, the AB explained.

WHAT??!! All these years of Bettnet, Catholic World News and all the reasonable people - and nobody knew at Catholic Charities??? (have I gotten enough mileage out of that yet?)

One thing for sure...everybody knows now!

As hard as that is to believe, I think it's probably true. People like Jack Shaughnessey were, I'm sure, clueless about the Mayor's political attack machines against Roman Catholics.

That's why I'm saying it's equally important to sit him down and let him know the antics of Bryan Hehir and his group of political and theological thugs. They have no idea they are funding the political machine against prolifers. While they exploit their good works for the poor and distract people who act in good faith - they are shutting down the defense of the life at the State House, they are incorporating Planned Parenthood into CCD and shuttling children into networks of people who will sexually and emotionally corrupt and exploit them via the whack jobs they recruited to talk about what is safe sexual touching.

Everybody should be in the know...because not knowing sets the stage the proaborts to make their shticks look legitimate to authentic (isn't that word getting to them???!!!) Catholics.

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