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Friday, January 06, 2006 :::

I woke up this morning to an email from Brain Knotts who passed along the rabid heretic Richard McBrien's screed

Essentially, McBrien writes a commercial for our work and admits we have pulled off a major victory.

"With the broad accessibility of the Internet has come a new capacity of individuals, who could never be published by reputable newspapers and magazines, to gain an audience via personal blogs and to attract the attention even of the mainstream media."

Gain an audience we have.

I've had a somewhat steady growth during the years I've been blogging - - but since Eileen McNamara, Margery Egan and the National Catholic Reporter, et al, - my numbers have tripled. In the course of a few short weeks - I've gone from about 5000 to 7000 readers to over 21,000+ readers.

The number of people who googled "This man is pure unadulterated evil" and found their way to the bloggeroo - was quite impressive, actually.

Funny, I wrote it in a rant which was intended to convey that Hehir is taking calculated actions to dismemeber the Mystical Body of Christ....and the actions he is taking demonstrate a clear pattern of the antiChrist. He and McBrien are not people who have been grossly misled - - they are the voice of the spirit of 'their father - and willingly, they do his works", which is how Christ characterized their predecessors.

It's been fascinating to see the response of the simpletons.

Yes, indeed, the work I do undermines "the reasonable people", like his nibs, who sits and writes about what he thinks about those of us who do the dirty work which unseats the dissenters. If only McBrien and National Catholic Reporter, the proabort politicians and Chancery buffoons would be impressed by his logic, we'd all be somewhere over the rainbow with Dorothy and Toto singing Kumbaya.

Some day I'm going to make a list of the battles I've fought and won while he's been sitting behind his computer whining and whimpering over how he doesn't get enough attention. It's so spineless.

McBrien, of course, places emphasis on why what I do has been effective:

What has changed on the ecclesiastical and political fronts over the past decade is the broad accessibility of the Internet. With it has come a new capacity of individuals, who could never be published by reputable newspapers and magazines, to gain an audience via personal blogs and to attract the attention even of the mainstream media, which are always interested in controversy, especially of the man-bites-dog variety.

The rhetoric of these self-styled defenders of orthodoxy is so recklessly hot that it automatically gets attention. This is the new reality.

Here's Wellborn's take

It's missing some important insight....

What McBrien doesn’t report is that prolife Catholics pulled out of the event in droves. Menino rounded up the civil rights fornication and pro baby killer movement, and they all rallied to make the internal chaos invisible to those who are clueless to what's going down. Lots of prolifers were clueless to Hehir’s dissent all this time….and the last thing they’re going to do, is enrage prolife grassroot people. We are a force to be reckoned with….and now that we all have blogs to rally up the troops in our own little fiefdoms – there’s a new game in town.

One more clarification, worth noting....I'm not a journalist...I'm an activist...a political and theological Roman Catholic activist....that has a blog which incites, exposes, captives, demoralizes and makes Hehir and his cronies tar babies that the Bishops and prolifers stear clear of...I completely take away their ability to be honnored and appointed....and McBrien knows it.

If I wanted to be a journalist, with a nice big, fat, cushing, Planned Parenthood Bishop butt kissing shtick - believe me when I tell you - I know exactly what I'd have to do in order to gain such a postion and I could easily become an armchair complainer.

Everyone has to know their place...and as a friend recently said to me - you have the Shelby Scott role.

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