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Saturday, January 07, 2006 :::

I know I've said this before...but I apologize if I have not answered your email. I used to be able to control some portion of it and at least put up the stuff on my blog that I need to put up - answer my friends and supporters, make and take important phone calls to friends and supporters....etc. It used to be that every once in a while, something would fall between the cracks...but now..there's so much falling between the cracks - the only thing I can do about it is blog apologies (and open up the comments section again so people don't feel so stifled)

I used to have a system where I'd open an email and save what I needed to respond to as "save as new" that was a good system for a while - even if it took me a week to get through it - I could still do it.

Now, my "new" emails are one big pile that important stuff is buried in...and it's exasperating. I worry that people are being hurt because I'm not responding...stuff that should be blogged isn't - the phone calls, work, people who ask me to do things and I can't get to it, balancing it with my primary responsibilities to my family...ugh...Anthony Adverse, it's a mess.

I'm sorry for all those things I can't get to, and please do not think I'm not intending to answer you, help you, support you, guide where to send paper trails and how to combat the Planned Parenthood treachery at your parish, school, community....I'm doing what I can to weed things through....and I'm sorry!

Here's information a friend sent to me about what we refer to as the "Where's Waldo Ministry" of the Archdiocese...where they put the schismatics when they're plucked (Emergency Response Team).


I hope you are well. May God continue to bless you in the new year.

info from Mass Equality website:

Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action (JALSA) Annual Meeting
Honoring Judge Rudolph Kass with a special presentation to Father Walter H. Cuenin, Jr.
January 08, 2006 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Brookline Holiday Inn, 1200 Beacon Street
more info || event website

I highlighted the above to draw attention. So, I clicked on the event website link ( Well, there was not much info on this page. So I wanted to learn more about the issues that they are involved with...


Issue Groups

Our groups are a great way to get involved in JALSA's social justice work.

Committee on Law and Social Action (CLSA) is currently working on the erosion of civil liberties since the attack on 9/11 - maintaining the independence of the Massachusetts courts - supporting the U.S. Senate's filibuster against right wing judicial nominations

Justice: Economic, environmental, criminal, death penalty click here for our Justice Committee

Court Nominees: Judges wield enormous power and discretion; heir fair-mindedness is vital to the preservation of our freedom. Each year, judges decisions in thousands of cases that are never carried to a higher court, but are allowed to stand - which means the actions of these judges are crucial, especially on matters of reproductive freedom and civil rights. We urge our members to carefully review the records of court nominees and opposite those who do not support these rights.

Reproductive Rights: Women should make their own decisions regarding conception, pregnancy, and termination of pregnancy. We oppose all constitutional amendments that would abridge or circumscribe this right. We believe that reproductive rights are civil rights and that it is appropriate to review the commitment to such civil rights in the candidacy of persons who would serve on federal courts and have the responsibilities of interpreting the U.S. Constitution.

Citizens for Public Schools (CPS) works to support public education and works against privatization of our schools including for-profit charter schools or vouchers

The Alliance for High Standards NOT High Stakes keeps the issue of MCAS before the public, encouraging efforts to end the current obsession with standardized testing as the only way to evaluate student performance.

Massachusetts Coalition for Educational Equity (MCEE) works for fairness in school admission policies for all students, resource equity, and efforts to end the achievement gap.

Massachusetts Alliance Against Sweatshops (MAAS) encourages passage of sweatshop disclosure legislation.

Stem Cell Committee is urging passage of legislation to support stem cell research in Massachusetts
Massachusetts English Plus, Young Social Activists, and CLSA are working on the Fiscal '04 Massachusetts budget, urging enhanced revenue rather than continuing devastating cuts in essential services.

State Budget Cuts: We are opposed to cuts in human services that victimize minorities, the homeless, and those least able to absorb potential cuts. We support raising revenue when appropriate. We support decreasing corporate tax cuts and tax breaks.

Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

Why would Fr. Walter Cuenin be receiving an award from this organization?

I thought you might find interest with this...


Why do I think Cuenin would get an award and honor from this group? Because he's working those political and theological assaults against the Mystical Body of Christ, what's why, and they want to reward him.

Makes it rather profound that Cuenin was slated to be removed from the Where's Waldo promoted by the Archbishop to evolve interreligious dialogue with a fancy title of "Vicar" of such a ministry?

Incidently, did you know that the Archbishop appointed that VOTF wingnut priest from Canton as the "chaplain" to guide the Massachusetts Legislature on Catholic doctrine?

What was his name...I forget..."Mac" or something like that. (I'm too busy and it escapes me right now)...I'll blog his name when I remember.

The Archdiocese can't honor Cuenin with all of us watching like hawks and exposing it - the level of where they are getting "honored" are exactly where they all belong.

As McBrien so rightfully says - those of us tired of the intertia and corruption of the masses via the theologically insane of the Roman Catholic empire - now have a venue, "blogs".

Each of us is fine tuning our shticks...learning, growing, converting, being converted, inciting, exposing -giving authentic Catholics a place to chat or be affirmed or politically motivate, organize, execute actions...take the weapons out of the hands of the schismatics, make it impossible for them to be appointed and operate their informal schisms...give them a good dose of their own "charity" and "peace" them how they "take care of people" - - that's all something they had hoped to weed out by controlling what the masses read in the Boston Globe, Herald and the National Catholic Reporter -- and stuff the Catholic World News, Catholic National Register, et al, are just too "polite" to take on.

We bloggers have our flaws, we make our mistakes - - but if we all act like grown ups, recoginzing that each of us has a job to do and we need to support each other in it and stop and listen when there are misunderstandings, when somebody blogs something on bad information - etc - when the peanut gallery gets their feathers ruffled because activists who are not journalists are being given the power to dissolve the efficacy of the schismatics - - and work together to that end - - this whole period in the desert is going to be a lot easier for us and a lot harder for the schsimatics.

One of our good priests gave me a good laugh a few weeks ago. I was telling him about something a local priest did in the Sanctuary that got under my skin. I can't even remember what was said and done - - but it was asinine and not authentic Catholicism.

This is a priest I've had little spats with about things here and there that he was doing which I talked with him about or blogged something fiesty if I was upset about it. But, this is a priest who is really trying to understand how the "orthodox" has been affected, why we have zero tolerance, where the wisdom is he can take and where he can provide me with wisdom....and as another priest likes to put it..."and we all learn".

Anyhoo, after I told him what it was that upset me - he said "Wow, I don't don't why he'd do something like that..I mean, I wouldn't do it even if it was just because I know I'd have to read about it on your blog."

..and we both laughed!

We have an opportunity to be the political force we want to be as prolifers. We got around the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald - - and we are taking ground back.

Where on earth will they hold prochoice politicians up Catholics to venerate and "honor"? All the pedastals are drying up for the Cuenins and Meninos and the Kerrys.


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