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Monday, January 02, 2006 :::

Dympha has put up her list of blogs she frequents with some thoughts for the new year.

"I need a spiritual director. Everyone in DC that I've contacted is too busy and I've been advised not to bother with anyone in the Arlington diocese so I've left a message with Opus Dei."

One benefit of the rising of evils in a culture and society: those of us wishing to avoid them scurry around trying to find spiritual direction in response.

The Bishops have placed proaborts & dissenters to spiritually guide the flocks. Navigating your way to authentic Roman Catholic spiritual guidance is a road that is littered with the bodies of their victims.

Opus Dei is at least in the truth and still tied firm to the Ark. It's a personal prelature (which most of us aren't actually attracted to) but the good thing for those who find shelter in it, is that it's set up so you can remain in your parish communities. They feed you, you feed others. Apostolic. There are priests willing and wanting to be spiritual shepherds of your soul...which is what our religion actually is supposed to be. Long gone from
the diocescan mission.

Opus Dei & the Legionarres (another good source) get bad press from Chancery lackeys who fear the loss of revenue (once people find a real source of authentic Catholic spiritual direction).

Legionarres aren't allowed here in Boston and in many diocese as a result of those monetary fears...but if they are in your area, go and seek their protection. I assure you, the same reason why diocesan spin encourages rejection of EWTN, it's the same reasoning which moves their machinations of spin, webs and obstacles against Opus Dei and Legionarres.

Most of us, pursued our own way of finding the Light.

We went to the Saints, found their books, read them, studied them, meditated on them...practiced their exercises, prayed their prayers, Novenas, Eucharistic Adoration, Rosary, confess, repent, teach, proclaim, defend...

Read St. Ignatius, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, the deposit left by Pope John Paul II, The Little Flower, St. Faustina, St. Francis, seek out the writings of the Saints as you do your groceries.

Pursue and study, alienate yourself from the dialogue of the diabolical. Let the Bishops listen to it. Let the priests soak themselves in it if they wish. Keep away. Danger zone for you and for your children. It's a spiritual leper colony.

Find a parish that teaches truth. They are still out there. Few though they are.....make it a point to drive the hour. The priest needs you there as much as you need him. He is being victimized and hounded and assaulted.

The ship is about to our precious Pope John Paul II told us during his tenure...and our Pope Benedict affirms. Things are about to get worse.

As predicted, the situation is much worse than they were when AB O'Malley took over..and is declining rapidly. They are out of money and demoralized. AB O'Malley has alienated authentic Catholics with his Big Tent headed by his appointed schismatics and we, in response, moseyed on down the road. We withheld our contributions and instead directed that money to other venues which teach authentic Catholicism and which feed and clothe our poor AND adhere to the Catechism.

Their financial situation is grave as a result - and given the exposures now that Bryan Hehir is charge of the schismatic mission - - despite the deception spun out by the dissenters in response to our protests - - the money will further be withheld both from the Chancery and from Catholic Charities...the few millionares giving, will get sick and tired of financing the whole thing themselves...and sources will continue to dry up.

Activists, in 2006, will continue putting on pressure which exposes the fraud of the administration and the dangers to our children as a result of their disordered sexual and moral counsel.

We will continue to expose the fraud up at the Mass Catholic Conference.

We will continue to expose the fraud of the Bryan Hehir/Donilon/baseball communications empire.

Somewhere along the line in these past few weeks, I read a little blurb from Dale Price in which he said that our protests have given the schismatics the opportunity to strengthen their shtick with their commentary.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

While it's true, the comments are out in the Boston Globe -et al- for all to read, those of us who practice our religion and who intend to ensure our children have the rights of our heritage and lineage - - know, are able to see, more so than ever, that the regime at the Chancery is sour. That's something we've been saying for two years. It's been handed over to a formal schism being operated at the Chancery.

People no longer have to rely on what we are telling them, it's right out of the mouths of babes, from the parties of the first part. Open your Globe and feast your eyes on the Truth...Menino, Donilon, Hehir - et al - are out there affirming that what we have been saying isn't, after all, hysteria or delusional. It's in the bullseye of truth.

While Jack Whalen at the "Catholic Democrats" is pleased at his exposure at my hands - - his intellect is clouded and removed from the gifts of the Holy Spirit. What is actually happening is, people who were unconvinced a year ago, are fully convinced now of what is happening and there is chaos within.

Complete chaos.

The Vatican is aware of it.

There's a lot happening...including the fact that the list of Bishops brought over to the Vatican by AB O'Malley getting a rejection stamp.

Things aren't always as they appear....and we have a year ahead of us in which we intend to take ground stolen from us by the thieves.

Continue to withhold money from the Chancery, redirect it into authentic places that embrace the Catechism along with their Catholic activism in attending to our poor, never cease praying, seeking spiritual guidance for ourselves, keep your soul in a state of Grace, buckle up (because it's about to get rough), buckle in and Be Not Afraid. Christ's Church prevails against the gates of Hell.

Our Lord God Almighty Reigns.

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