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Friday, January 06, 2006 :::

Been a busy week....

As most of you know by now - there's a whole new crew of "victims" to whom the diocese is offering 7.5 million.

Lawyers claim archdiocese has $215M for settlements
By Marie Szaniszlo

This crew, naturally, call the civil rights of the accused "demeaning" and "unnacceptable":

Lawyers for the victims yesterday denounced the proposal as
"demeaning" and "unacceptable," saying it discriminates between the
groups and would allow the archdiocese to determine unilaterally whether
cases have merit.

The Chancery who has a history of liquidating Roman Catholic Sanctuaries without separating the true victims from druggies and drunks looking for a handout with facts that clearly show the story teller is a liar - better set up a revolving account.

After this wave of wedgie victims, they will be auditioning the victims of the "Noogie Man". The repressed memories of the trauma of noogies was just too embarrasing to tell the first time around.

Victims in newest clergy abuse lawsuits claim different treatment by archdiocese
By Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer

They've decided they don't believe that a lot of these cases are real,
not having any basis for that belief. They've simply decided they just
think of these people as liars," Durso said.

Stephen MacDonald, 40, said he was afraid to come forward, even 30 years
after episodes with a priest at his church in Winchester when he was 10.
He said he finally filed a lawsuit in August after growing increasingly

MacDonald said a priest at his church in Winchester repeatedly reached
into his pants and pulled him up by his underwear, touching his buttocks
and causing pain in his genitals. He said the priest, who did the same
thing to all the altar boys at the church, was dubbed "Wedgie Man" by
the children.

"You're afraid to speak up ... that's the way I was brought up," said

Oh the trauma of all these years remembering crumbled underwear in his crack.

How dare they liquidate our religion for the likes of similar stories.

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