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Friday, December 09, 2005 :::

Well, kiddos.....

I've been an activist against Planned Parenthood for...12 years or so and for my religion on a more intense, daily basis for about....7 years.

Every once in a while, I'm truly shocked at how God's providence is so precise.......and you'll see what I mean when I tell my story about yesterday...

First of all - - Boston got hit with a whopper snowstorm yesterday.

Blinding white outs, wind, and even thunder.

I assumed the picket was canceled..but didn't get confirmation from Cotter who was operating the picket.

If you look at the picture in this story...I mean..."who" would even attempt to get to the Boston Harbor Hotel.

I called Cotter and C.J....and didn't get an answer, which was not surprising considering everything was being shut down.

But, this is Cotter I told myself..and decided to take a stroll over to the hotel on my way home just to be on the safe side.

Fully expecting to make my train leaving in 20 minutes....I took a quick look around the front of the hotel...and turned towards South Station. Just as I did my 180, a man was standing in my face, big smile..and said "....are for the Menino thing?"

"UGH! I was hoping nobody would be's a blizzard. I'm assuming it's canceled.

Bill Cotter? Cancel for snow? No, I don't think so. he said.

Sure enough...down he came a few minutes later with the signs.

So - back to the Providence...

After 1/2 or so standing in the freezing cold without gloves, I handed my sign to one of the dozen people who showed up in the blizzard...and told them I had to go inside to warm up. (No comments from the peanut gallery, I am a wimp when it comes to cold.)

So, I went in the side door and started to walk into a winding corridor that winds around the building...and I turned a corner and saw a little weazely-looking man in a black suit standing at the public phone. He turned a tad...and there was the Roman collar.

It was Hehir.

I overheard him saying..

"There's nothing to worry about! There's only a small amount of people outside and C. J. Doyle isn't even there!! I walked out to look for him and he isn't there! He must have had something else to do! HAHAHAHAHAHA....(pause). I am so glad we didn't cancel the event! I thought I would call because I knew you'd be worried - everything is fine."

At that point I walked over to him and stood in front of him to look him in the eyes. His eyes caught mine and his jaw dropped. He started stuttering.

"Fr. Hehir?" I said

He shook his head vigorously "no".

I kept standing there watching him squirm as he was speaking to what sounded to me like the Archbishop on the other end of the phone.

He hung up...and I said again, "Fr. Hehir?".

He again said "No."

I laughed and said "Yes, you're Fr. Hehir why are you lying about your identity?"

He said nothing.

I'm Carol McKinley. I've been trying to get a hold of you.

No you haven't.

Yes, I have and you know it. I've sent emails and made phone calls and told you I wanted to talk to you about Catholic Charities and the paper trail of quotes about sex and murder from the leaders you and the Archbishop are materially cooperating with brainwash people."

I don't talk to everyone, he said, I only talk to people with certain qualities.

(I am not making this up. This is the God's honest truth, this is exactly what he said.)

You don't talk to people whose certain qualities prohbit them from standing in your face smiling and nodding as you're lying in people's faces.

I want an appointment with you - is that possible?

Yeah, I think that's possible. Let me get through this first.

I'll call you next week. That is, if you still have a job.

"Yah." he said.

The press told me that Hehir and Menino scheduled a press conference to respond to critics...and sure enough...

Hehir it is in this morning's Globe,

The rich in the Archdiocese threw Menino a "Lawn Party" and gave Menino the press platform to discredit the entire mission of Christ's Church.

The article comes just in time for a big meeting the Bishops are having today at Pope John Seminary in Weston regarding the Crisis they now have on their hands - thanks to the handful "pamphleteers".

The gig of the Archbishop and Hehir materially and spiritually collaborating in ideology of sexual immorality and murders of innocent children - is EXPOSED:

''And what moves me most about being a Christian is what Jesus taught us about being religious," Menino said. ''He did not give priority to piety. He didn't make holiness the big thing. And he did not tell us to go around talking up God, either."

The speech was a relatively rare discussion of faith for Menino. It also underscored the intensifying debate nationally and in Boston about the role of faith in politics and recent efforts by more liberal and moderate Catholics to counter conservatives' success in defining Catholic values.

Conservatives aren't "defining" Catholic values. There is a distinct set of values that are already defined for us in the Catechism of our religion which Menino and his lackeys are trying to "reform". We then hold the Catechism in the faces of the Call to Action, Planned Parenthood political Mouskateers.

But the mayor, as the dinner's keynote speaker, put forward his own notion of what it means to be a Catholic in public life, saying that he draws on the values of humility and mercy in his daily work as an elected leader.

The Mayor's humble and merciful daily work--is documented here:

"Menino's Idea of Catholic Charity"

What was that quote from yesterday's paper from Menino's lackey, Jim Post?

oh yeah...

James E. Post, president of Voice of the Faithful, said he was shocked when the conservative activists ''began whacking us as dissenters, but I came to understand that they have a very large political agenda" that is helpful to antireform church officials.

''Some of the bishops and cardinals find these people useful as pit bulls, attack dogs," Post said. ''Bishops won't do this, it's unseemly, but they don't mind having a C. J. Doyle or a Carol McKinley out there frothing at the mouth. The attacks on Mayor Menino and Father Hehir clearly are in this pattern."

Very, very nice men indeed. It's quite clear the "certain characteristics" which Bryan Hehir find endeering, don't you?

But more to the point, Post's comments unravel the new media spin that "conservative catholics" define doctrine.

The material facts are - - there's a clear set of definitions given to us by the indvidual who heads the "small group" of "Pamphlateers": THE POPE....and we are mucking up their "reforms".

But in this game - it isn't how many people you have - but "who" is on your side...and you can take this to the Bank - Bryan Hehir's days are numbered in this diocese in his role at Catholic Charities and as chief advisor to the Archbishop of Boston and they are going out of the adoption business.

What will be left of the Archbishop's public perception that he is in authority will completely rely upon how quickly he takes the actions.

One way or another - it's going down. If Hehir thinks they're "all set" to continue their shtick - he's in for a rude awakening.

The event was not open to the news media, but a Catholic Charities spokesman said the mayor's remarkswere ''warmly applauded" inside the function room at the Seaport Hotel.

For the record - there was a quote from Terrence Donilon which is in the internet edition but which mysteriously doesn't appear in the paper editions:

Terrence C. Donilon, a spokesman for the archdiocese, applauded the speech. ''Mayor Menino's remarks clearly demonstrate this is a person who loves his city and is dedicated to helping others," Donilon said. ''We appreciate his many good deeds on behalf of the needy. In fact, the archbishop is very thankful for the efforts of so many who contributed to the support generated tonight for the programs that Catholic Charities runs to serve children and families in need."

Four questions:

1. Isn't Menino, Finneran, O'Neil, and Larry DiCara - et al - the same old group of people Paul LaCamera used his radio station (WBUR) to give air time to in order to tell people to withhold their money from the Church at the expense of the poor in the first place?

2. How come this quote where the Archbishop backs the Mayor wasn't in the paper edition?

3. How much did it cost this group of wealthy people to purchase their outfits, hire their limos and go to a 500 a plate dinner honoring the mayor for giving money which was actually contributed by the taxpayers?

4. What was the amount of the bill given to Bryan Hehir by the Seaport Hotel and how many children could it have fed?

They include Sunset Point Camp, a residential summer camp in Hull for disadvantaged children, the Teen Center at St. Peter's, an afterschool program for teens, and the Friendly Visitor program, which links volunteers with elderly people for companionship and assistance.

Teenage Camps and a friendly visitor program? Sounds kinda scary.

You'd think after all we now know, they'd be out of the teenage camp business.

Further, are they implying that their friendly visitors are charging the elderly and disadvantaged money? Shouldn't the friendly visitors be volunteers?

Perhaps if the charitable folks give up their 500 dollar a plate dinners, forgo the limos and designer dresses, handbags and shoes and their fancy hotels honoring the taxpayers who want their money distributed to the poor - the friendly visitors wouldn't give the diocese a bill for their services.

...or perhaps I'm just being pious.

After the protest group quietly disbanded at about 7:15 p.m., Catholic Charities chairman Peter Meade said that the people both inside the event and outside had much in common. ''Despite a few folks outside who have some differences, this is a family," Meade said. ''There shouldn't be a belief that the archbishop somehow isn't an ally and an advocate for Catholic Charities."

Carinal Bernadin reincarnate....the white hair, the power and the money in their pockets who've been trying to define Catholic Charity as the "money" we give to the poor since Vatican II.

The mission of Jesus was entirely about the difference between taking right actions and taking wrong actions, making choices between depravities and virtues. In His Years of ministry, He described Himself as the Son of God the Father. He was crucified for refusing to go along with the depravities of the culture and the government.

Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's.

Let the Mayor have his own Lawn Parties.

''This is a tragedy. This is a very sad day for Catholic Charities," said C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League. ''It's very disturbing to have Catholic Charities honor the mayor, when he's spent his whole career working against Catholic principles."

What's the point of letting the Archbishop off the hook on this thing?

It's missing the entire action item.

The reason why clerics with various depraved ideas about theology and sexuality get away with what they get away with because Bishops don't stop them.

Wasn't this oh so carefully demonstrated by Archbishop O'Malley in these circumstances?

He is simply letting the Mayor do the dirty work of tearing families loyal to the Magisterium to shreds while he looks the other way.

It's time to put it on him.

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