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Thursday, December 01, 2005 :::

Thank you to all who helped with the letter...

The momentum is tidal.

Bloggers have kicked in and up..

Here's an article that hits the bullseye.

...and helping to raise high the consequences of honoring Margery Egan

"I'm not sure either why the Archdiocese of Boston, with all it's woes w9ould listen for a second to C.J. Doyle, exectuve director of the Catholic Action League and perhas the most prolific letter to the editor writer in the history of the Boston Herald.

Yet, C.J. appears to ber the Big Man behind Sean O'Malley's canceling plans to attend the Boston Catholic Charities Christmas dinner.

Why? Because the dinner will honor Tom Menino, a consistent support of gay marrige, abortion rights "and birth control". The last was added yesterday by one of C.J.'s comrades in arms, Carol McKinley.

Birth control. I guess that's the next litmus test frontier. "Do you use birth control, Carol?" Carol artfully dodged my question."

Egan then goes on to whack a few more times at C.J. - and the grand finale:

Pressed yesterday, he retold a story about finding a homeless, pregnant woman asleep on a freezing night outside CVS on Arch Street. He pressed her to take shelter. "Two years later I'm metting this developer who tells me, Mayor, you've made me the happiest man in the world. He pulls out a picture. This is (the homeless woman's) baby. I adopted him...He's beautiful. He's healthy. And his middle name is Tom"

It certainly all makes sense now why the Archbishop, Rev. Bryan Hehir, Catholic Charities leadership and Margery Egan can put aside Menino's day to day contributions towards the decapitated and mangled bodies of children down at Planned Parenthood to honor him.

cc: Bryan Hehir
cc: Terence Donilon
Subject: Your Story on Menino

Dear Margery,

Thank you for adding to the pile of reasons why it's necessary for the Archbishop to take disciplinary actions against heretics who have been bullying us for 40 years.

It must have taken a lot of ingenuity to try to come up with that scenario to libel my reputation. I made it very clear to you that I do not use birth control. In fact, I took an extraordinary amount of time to explain how I brought my confusion and questions regarding the teachings to priests, and pursued one who wouldn't lie to me about it. I explained to you that though I "wanted to believe" my own convictions, taught to me by wayward priests - because of Pope John Paul II's constant witness, I knew in my heart I had to continue to pursue finding a priest who would teach me the truth. I told you that even when I was confused on the matter, I accepted the Magisterium and quietly tried to process it.

Making it appear as if I gave you any indication at all that I use birth control is a flagrant lie and I'm going to see to it that your newspaper corrects it.

All that aside, I am fascinated by your baby Tom story. How lucky for the child that the abortion brochures the Mayor advocates be distributed to our children never made that woman's radar.

You see, the moral of the story is, giving shelter to the homeless and providing whatever they need so they can give birth to their children is the happy ending we're going to force upon every hand at "Catholic Charities".

At the end of the day, the money and charitable acts of Mayor Menino don't add up to 1% of the contributions made by Cardinal Law to our poor, homeless, unemployed, sick and dying. If it was all about exemplary records of giving to the poor - Cardinal Law would still be in Boston and you'd be unemployed because the Herald would have gone under.

You asked me why we are "drawing lines in the sand now" - and my answer to you is - you've had enough of our blood and the Mayor has had enough of our children's.

Have a Blessed Advent,

Carol McKinley

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