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Sunday, December 11, 2005 :::


My dialogue continued with "Shamus" at "Catholics for faithful Citizenship" and went on to reveal a rather fascinating motive for sending out his "press release".

Shamus, it appears, is after the journalist we initially got to report on our initiative here in Boston.

He wanted to completely disassociate his press release as having anything at all to do with the Boston Catholics.

He first sent this puzzling question:

We are still not sure how you are on our Press Release? You are not named at all. Curious.

"Catholic Charities of Boston has recently come under attack by right wing dissidents who object to the appearance of the Mayor of Boston at the group’s annual Christmas dinner. "

Those "right wing dissidents" are not ambiguous - they are people to whom you refer.

"Right wing dissidents" = me (along with others).

You then go on to link McNamental's story which "names" to whom you if anyone following the story doesn't know by now.

"They of course overlook"

"They" = me (along with others)

"It is time to put 'Catholic' beliefs and teachings back into Catholic Charities of Boston."

The above quote was taken from a statement authored by Boston Catholics which included me.

"The protesters" = me (along with others)

"other right wing Catholic dissidents" = me (along with others)

His response:

"Ok – to be straight though. We did not name you. We did name Hudson,"


What does the journalist have to do with prying out Cardinal Bernadin's Call to Action Faction?

I'll tell you what - it's the Klu Klux Klan's way of intimidating journalists.

If we don't have a journalist with the courage to report on the infidels inside of the Chancery - then, "Catholics for Faithful Citizenship" - can get their lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits against us in an effort to bully and bankrupt us into silence.

Without back up by journalists and people who are in powerful political and theological leadership positions - they'll use their newspapers to twist what we say, to take various pot shots that mischaracterize who we are and what we are attempting to do - and under the radar - will bully and threaten us...and they have the power to do it.

Kind and peaceloving gentle folks that they are....just trying to help people every day.

They're regular Santy Clauses.

What is the charge against the journalist?

"he like you is a dissenter. You are both in the minority and you want to impose your will on others. Thus you are dissenters. You only care about a few issues, and are willing to bring harm to others to bring about your change. It is not going to happen."

He went on the clarify:

So Abortion is your only issue. This is where you dissent on the teaching of life in the Church.

The law of the land in Germany was righteous and the people refusing to go along with the law of the land dissented on the teaching of life in the Catholic Church according to the "faithful" citizenship of this bloat.

I get it now - - "Faithful Citizenship" are the folks who removed Rosa Parks from the bus and arrested her.

"Faithful Citizenship" is when you support the murderous regime in Iraq that terrorized women and children.

"Faithful Citizenship" arrests women in China who refuse to abort their children.

Didn't you ever wonder why journalists in China don't report what's going on?

"Faithful Citizenship" bullies, threatens and intimidates journalists who work with prolifers to expose the regime.

We will continue to monitor.

Bully for you!

From your friends at F.U.

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