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Somerville, MA--A Roman Catholic Priest has written a strong response to US Representative William Delahunt for his involvement in an Anti-Catholic Protest outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Rev. Robert J. Carr posted the letter on his blog Catholicism Anew this morning (

The e-mail letter written directly to Delahunt accuses the Congressman of participating in the Gay Community's war against Catholics.
"Barney Frank and friends declared war on Catholics in 2003 and you and the rest of the Massachusetts delegation, et. al. are part of that war." Carr wrote, citing a declaration of Representative Barney Frank and his associates of a war against non-gay friendly governments and Catholics and Evangelicals while at the UN in 2004. Frank (D-MA) is also a Massachusetts Representative.
Carr is the author of Be Fooled No More and the three part series: "The Attempted Coup of the Roman Catholic Church in Boston" for Catholic Online as well as a host of other writings that back up his assertion.

Carr, who has written extensively about the agendas using the crisis in the Church to silence its political voice, has stated emphatically since 2002 that the Democratic Party is involved in a war against Catholics. He also made that declaration to Republican Party Leaders while they were in Boston in 2004.

"It took us a while to figure out who was behind this attack on the Church. We eventually did and we know that one of the groups out trying to silence us was the Massachusetts wing of the Democratic party and their friends from Vermont, headed up by ex-Catholic Howard Dean and his strategists over at the JFK School of Government." He wrote to Delahunt.

Voice of the Faithful openly cites the involvement of Marshall Ganz of the JFK School of Government and a Dean party strategist as one of the influences behind its founding. Mary Jo Bane, also at the Kennedy School was one of the early protesters and worked extensively to run Cardinal Bernard Law out of Boston. Bane was the deputy secretary for Health and Human Services under Donna Shala during the Clinton Administration.

Carr has been actively calling for a full investigation into the agendas behind the attack on the Church. His investigations have led him to discover CEDAW, The UN Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women which many interpret as a call for the silencing of the political voice of the Roman Catholic Church and forcing of Women's Ordination upon the Catholic Church. The Church currently does not allow for the ordination of women or married laity. Presently, it is discouraging the ordination of gay men to the Roman Catholic Priesthood.

He also discovered the Media Project, a service of the Advocates for Youth the largest gay and lesbian youth organization in the United States. The Media Project works with writers of television programs to put pro-gay, pro-contraception and other messages in television programs. Its One Show At A Time element recognizes programs that follows its requests.

One of his critics, Dan McNevin of the Oakland SNAP criticizes Carr's defense of Catholics. McNevin wrote to Carr stating that in his opinion all Catholics are guilty. Carr states that such words are no different than those of Osama Bin Laden towards Americans. SNAP is funded by victim's lawyers and is looked upon with an wary eye by some victims of abuse as having less than healing intentions.

Carr, a US Navy Veteran, looks upon Delahunt's presence as a time to draw a line in the sand. "When a US Representative gets actively involved in protests against innocent Catholics, then that is the last straw."

The incident comes on the heals of controversy stirred up by the Boston Catholic Charities invitation to honor Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Menino, a democrat who hosted the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, has been a great supporter of gay marriage in Massachusetts. He also raised the Gay Flag over Boston's City Hall the day gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts.

Menino's words at Catholic Charities have been looked by some including Carr as indications of a true ignorance of the Catholic faith among American Catholics. The Boston Globe quotes Menino as saying "And what moves me most about being a Christian is what Jesus taught us about being religious . . .He did not give priority to piety. . . He didn't make holiness the big thing. . . And he did not tell us to go around talking up God either."

Critics say Menino got Jesus' message exactly backwards.

Carr's letter is posted at Catholicism Anew He can be reached through his webpage at

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Good for Fr. Carr!

Few people left with such courage.

I never in all the days of my life could have imagined the cowardice of Roman Catholics.

Shame on every one of you who are making the Archbishop's shtick legitimate.

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