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Sunday, December 25, 2005 :::


It's been a busy and interesting week.

Somebody attempted to break into (again) my new car. They took a screwdriver and tried to pry open the passenger door on Friday at the Quincy Adams T Station (again). Don't know what stopped them - but thank God, they were unable this time to take the car.

During the course of the Christmas activities, I was watching It's a Wonderful Life....and I noticed George Bailey talking to Potter. During the scene where Potter offers him a job with a great salary to go along to get along with Potter's scandals - - George was tempted for a nanosecond...and then spoke to him with the digust we all have when tyrants and Potters show up to destroy Bedford Falls....turn it into a shtick that benefits their egos, agendas and disordered empires.

-I wonder if-if it would be possible for you
to give me twenty-four hours to think it over?

Sure, sure, sure.

You go on home
and talk about it to your wife.

- I'd like to do that.
- Yeah.

In the meantime,
I'll draw up the papers.

- All right, sir.
- Okay, George?

Okay, Mr. Potter.

No, no, no, no. Wait a minute here.
Wait a minute.

I don't need twenty-four hours.
I, I don't have to talk to anybody.

I know right now,
and the answer is no! No!

Doggone it!

You sit around here
and you spin your little webs

and you think the whole world revolves
around you and your money.

Well, it doesn't, Mr. Potter.

In the whole
vast configuration of things,

I'd say you were nothing
but a scurvy little spider.

It's an ugly job - but somebody has got to speak the truth - even when it involves exposing filth inside of the Church.

Most people simply lack the material facts and gifts to make informed decisions about what strategies to employ theologically and politically - - and so I generally ignore the comments from the people who removed from the wisdom to understand the bigger picture.

If you haven't read the article in this weeks National Catholic Register - I'd urge you to mosey on over to here - and enjoy the story on Menino -et al.
It's in the print version only - - but I'll sneak a few quotes from the story later on...Gail Besse did a great job capturing the essence of the charitable letter writing campaigns which back up the other components of multifaceted strategy.

Speaking of which - has another petition effort to AB O'Malley

Sign the Petition to Archbishop O'Malley here

A lot of readers have sent me excerpts from Bettinelli's blog these past few weeks that were, well - charitably speaking - misinformed, childish and mean-spirited.

He's been disgruntled about the fact that the press isn't capitalizing on his shtick. Why oh why, he wonders, does the press recognize that the vituperative commentary is what moved the Bishop to scamper on away from the Catholic Charities civil rights sex and abortion Christmas Party Fundraiser (more and more details are emerging about the chaos behind the scenes up at CC and at the Chancery).

Somebody sent me this link yesterday - -

The answer is patently obvious why we do what we do....
It's what works with the Potters and the Bishops..and the Globe...and bottom line, the Vatican.

The letters are an important part of the strategy - but getting the attention of the press and the Bishop takes phrasing things in tone which lets everyone smell our "intolerance" to the evils being perpetrated at the hands of his employees and volunteers.

Dom seems to forget, that we are talking about a Bishop who ran parents who have concerns about TAT like fools. They got a committee of dissenters who were rounded up by the people who wrote TAT to give him "a recommendation" - and while the Bishop shielded the identity of the folks who collaborate with the authors of TAT - he sent a fax around to priests telling them not to listen to the parents because the parents were divisive, promised the parents a meeting which never happened - and then paraded one in to give them their spin on TAT as part of the dog and pony show that they were on a pursuit of truth.

When the diocese announded in the Pilot that the "recommendation" of the Committee was about to be printed in the Pilot - I contacted them and told them I intended to find out the authors and do an expose on their ideology about sexual know...what they told other people when they talked to them about sexual touching as it's significant to the outcome of their conclusions. Next thing you know, Rizzutto is in the Boston Globe saying that they report will never be released because it would be a "lightening rod".

Dom seems to forget that this Bishop has appointed nothing but dissenters.

Dom seems to forget that this Bishop has opened up an abortion business in his hospitals.

I've been fighting off Planned Parenthood when Dom was in grammar school. I have the benefit of many more years of collaborating with people who were tracking what PP was doing on a local level and somewhat the national level. Ruse's initiative, which tracks the international level isn't a "conspiracy theory" - it's the facts which Dom apparently prefers not to believe when it's under his nose.

Not even a few months ago, he posted something about Catholic schools being loyal to the Magisterium - some priest had to tell him the state of affairs...which he announced he was shocked.

The reason for the Bishop's conduct is immaterial. The man may well think the key to teaching children fidelity, is putting in proaborts and Planned Parenthood teachers and leaders groomed by Walter Cuenin.

When the day is done, anyone with common sense and a cerebellum in a state of grace knows those ideas are out to lunch.

Here's a quote from Dom's posts today:

"Note that the proud and courageous anti-Catholic bigot who promises to beat his mother hides behind “anonymous.” Scumbag."

Humbly speak I'm sure. To parrot his charitable and holy label, there are scumbags at the State House...there are scumbags at City Hall....there are scumbags at Catholic Charities...there are scumbags working on the inside of our Chanceries. When the Bishops let the scumbags have their way with children and families - - it's equally important to expose it.

Nobody wants to do it - - but EVERYBODY who has a hand in the affairs of Boston would see Dom's comments about the Bishop as out of touch with reality. Those are the facts.

Nothing is going to happen without the component of making lots of noise so the press picks up the chaos....and the Chancery rats open the Globe to read their gig is up...because somebody isn't afraid to use the language necessary to get the story in the newspaper and get the Bishops to back off.

There are people in this world who will never collaborate with the sexual abuse and murders of children so the Bishop will give them the wink and the smile.

That was the "conspiracy" that got us into this mess to begin with.

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