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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 :::

The petition initiative is going very well...around 700 people in a little more than 24 hours have responded by sending the message to the Mayor.

Our efforts made Catholic News Agency...the National Catholic Reporter has a story which will run in this week's edition....and here's a story proves it can be done:

Australian Bishop scuttles talk by proabort politician

Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, Australia, has cancelled a prestigious annual lecture, after pro-life activists complained that the government official scheduled to give the talk was a supporter of legal abortion.

The archbishop announced on December 7 that he was calling off the "Rerum Novarum" lecture, which was to have been delivered just two days later by Jon Stanhope, the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory. The archbishop made his announcement after energetic protests by pro-lifers, who argued that Stanhope, who supports abortion, should not be allowed a prominent Catholic forum.

For those of your who will be joining the picket line in front of the Boston Harbour Hotel - here's some parking information:

You can park after 4PM in the underground garage in front of the Tel. Company HDQTR'S building {285 Franklin St.} for $7. It is about a five min. walk to the New Boston Hotel.

More coming later on the picket should it be necessary.

It's hard to imagine that the Archbishop will go forward to allow the 500 a plate civil rights fornication/pro baby killers event - but, time will tell.

The Rerum Novarum lecture is sponsored by the Melbourne archdiocesan Commission for Justice, Development, and Peace. Organizers of the event said that they had been unaware of Stanhope's stand on abortion. While apologizing for the late notice, Archbishop Hart said that he felt he had no choice but to cancel the lecture. "The Church's teachings on sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn in particular are not matters for debate in a Church-sponsored lecture," he said. "I am obliged to ensure that there is no ambiguity or confusion in respect to the Church's teachings on these matters."

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