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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, December 11, 2005 :::


While I was out walking the dog this morning in my backyard which has a historical old cart path winding through acres and acres of forest....I was admiring the sun, glowing, glistening on the snow - everything sparkling white...and the dog started acting strange for about five minutes. Nose up in the air like he was smelling something coming..and wouldn't walk. He kept wanting to back a get me out of here trajectory.....finally he sat down! to my right...was a group of animals stampeding. It was Santa's reindeers!

In all the years I've lived here - never saw a deer in my backyard.

Anyhoo...thanks to all of you for the heads up on the

informercial from Eileen McNamental in today's Globe!

You'll remember McNamental as the feminist who wrote this story about her friends the VOTF witches holding mock masses in their living room

But in places like Susan Troy's living room, says Linda Gallinaro, "We are rescuing the faith while the institution of the church straightens itself out."

That was the plan. Keep the heirarchy busy and the fringe feminists would set up the schism with Hehir, Cuenin, Call to Action and Planned Parenthood.

Here was their plan of reform - right here in black and white.

Don't miss their demands and expectations reform page: HERE.

Given all the evidence of record...this was my personal favorite quote from McNamental:

"...with what she and her band of religious purists suspect is a clandestine agenda to foist a married priesthood, female ordination, and a host of other liberal causes on ''authentic" Catholics"

Yes, excuse us!!

Back to today's article....Call me intuitive...but... I'd say the meeting with Bryan Hehir is a bust!


Actually, I don't think for a minute he was telling the truth about his entertaining the thought of looking at my paper trail and calling him into accountability on the schism he's setting up at the Chancery.

Spending my time in "meetings" with peoplewho have been well-placed in positions of power by the Archbishop to turn the hierarchal structure upside down - as long ago planned by Call to Action..isn't a productive use of my time.

They have no intention of listening to the "characteristics" that speak the truth we're all saying behind closed doors in our "conservative camp" of Catholics here in Boston and nationally.

Actually, I sent this internal memo to various leaders in Boston yesterday and I cc'd Hehir and the AB and Donilon - etc...and a few people working at the CDF:

And on this logic, one wonders whether Fr. Hehir would also arrange abortions for consumers of Catholic Charities if it were necessary to keep his funding." (from article below)

One need not wonder at all if one is in one's right mind and has the courage to speak the truth. The answer is yes.

What I'm wondering is, why those of who are leaders in the defense of faith don't put the accountability where it belongs.

This is the very question we now have for the four Bishops regarding arranging abortions vs. the necessity to keep funding their Catholic Hospitals where they'll balance the good works with the abortions?

Preventing rape victims from ovulation is a perfectly acceptable practice according to the Magisterium. Plan B which kills children is not. We all have Fr. Hehir's deceptive lies, pacifying the people into complacency with the pretense that that law was going to protect us in order to set up the facilitation of abortions via the orders of the Commonwealth. I told Saunders and everyone at the Mass Catholic Confernce that such an interpretation was not going to fly the moment they posited it.

Have each of you seen the following:

Terrence C. Donilon, a spokesman for the archdiocese, applauded (Menino's) the speech. ''Mayor Menino's remarks clearly demonstrate this is a person who loves his city and is dedicated to helping others," Donilon said. ''We appreciate his many good deeds on behalf of the needy. In fact, the archbishop is very thankful for the efforts of so many who contributed to the support generated tonight for the programs that Catholic Charities runs to serve children and families in need."

This is about boundaries left unprotected by cowardice and the Commonwealth is going to keep pushing those boundaries.

Each of you - and you know to whom I'm speaking - working to protect the children in need of your protection from Mayor Menino and the Bishops of Boston about to allow abortions in hospitals - - your presence in his shticks validates their "Common Ground Initiative" giving license to the insanity. I'm asking each of you to speak to the Archbishop bluntly and truthfully - and if he refuses to take the actions necessary to protect our children and our religion from the destruction of Bryan Hehir and his group of Call to Action political cronies--I'm asking you to please accept Christ's instructions, notify the Nuncio and the CDF that you will walk away from your leadership positions in collaboration with the Archbishop if they do not intercede..because you're giving credibility to High priests who materially cooperate with Nero and Herod and Hitler.

This is going to take an insurrection and revolt like no other in our history in America.

Asking God to give you courage and right judgment on the matter for the preservation of Christ's One, Holy and Apostolic Church,

I remain,
One Mother who will not let them take down our religion without resistance,

Carol McKinley

full article on Hehir:

The Tangled Ecclesiastical Web

by Dr. Jeff Mirus, special to
December 8, 2005

When the news broke in October that the Boston arm of Catholic Charities was actively helping homosexual couples to adopt children, most serious Catholics were surprised. When these same Catholics learned that Fr. J. Bryan Hehir was justifying the practice, their surprise quickly changed to understanding. The highly successful Fr. Hehir has been a thorn among the roses for over three decades. His Catholic prominence bears witness to much that is wrong with the Church.

The Matrix Unleashed

The network which leads to promotion and prominence in ecclesiastical offices and related roles in the American church remains essentially a liberal Democrat network. At the lowest levels, classified advertising to fill minor Church offices has been far more widespread in the "socially aware" (and dissident) National Catholic Reporter than in publications which pride themselves on Catholic fidelity. At the highest levels, the round of referrals and recommendations which lead to the selection of major administrative officials and even bishops is still largely dominated by worldly-wise clerics for whom doctrinal purity often appears to be an afterthought.

Positive change in this regard occurred only extremely slowly throughout the pontificate of John Paul II, and while the center of gravity in the American episcopate shifted somewhat toward orthodoxy and discipline during this period, the media-friendly old boy network remains largely unbowed despite occasional loss of blood. The advancement of Fr. Hehir in ecclesiastical and academic life offers striking proof of this claim.

On the Ashes of Orthodoxy

Fr. Hehir first rose to fame as a leader of resistance to Humane vitae at St. John’s Seminary in Boston. In 1974, he wrote a weighty article for Theological Studies arguing that the Church should be silent on the issue of contraception. According to the keenest observers, there has been nothing since to suggest that Fr. Hehir has changed his mind on this critical issue, which is a veritable weather gauge for positions on everything that matters in both the Catholic and the culture wars.

When he wrote his article, Fr. Hehir was near the beginning of a 20-year career with the U. S. Catholic Conference, where he successively held positions as director of the Office of International Affairs, secretary of the Department of Social Development and World Peace, and counselor for Social Policy. During the second half of his USCC tenure, he also served on the faculty of Georgetown University as Joseph P. Kennedy Professor of Christian Ethics in the Kennedy Center for Ethics. Thus was he rewarded with a stellar career at the highest levels despite his dissent from the moral tenets of the Catholic Faith.

In 1993, Fr. Hehir took his professorial talents from Catholic Georgetown to the more prestigious (and possibly less Catholic) Harvard Divinity School, where he serves as Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life. His worldly success has been accentuated by the reception of more than a score of honorary degrees. In 2001, he became the CEO of Catholic Charities USA. Later he reduced his role and became Secretary for Social Services and President of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Boston, a position perhaps more compaptible with his continued faculty position at Harvard and his many public speaking engagements.

Ideas Have Consequences

While enjoying such great success, Fr. Hehir has repeatedly raised concern among orthodox Catholics with a series of questionable opinions on everything from sexual morality to social services and from practical politics to just war theory. He has also been a proponent of reinterpreting the Second Vatican Council by insisting that its "spirit" requires a decisive and welcome break with the past. All of this culminated in his predictable defense of the placement of children in the homes of homosexual "couples". This, he says, was necessary to ensure continued funding for all the other important work Catholic Charities performs: "If we could design the system ourselves, we would not participate in adoptions to gay couples, but we can’t. We have to balance various goods."

But placing a child with a homosexual couple is not a "various good" but a specific evil. What would a parent’s reaction be if he knew that, should he die, his child might be made the toy of a homosexual couple playing house? And on this logic, one wonders whether Fr. Hehir would also arrange abortions for consumers of Catholic Charities if it were necessary to keep his funding. Such proportionalism is not only impossible to implement because of the incommensurability of the goods at stake, but it is in direct violation of all sound ethics—including the Catholic moral tradition—which holds that one may not do evil in order to bring about good. In a nutshell, the end does not justify the means.

Untangling Everything

Bad ideas, boys and girls, have evil consequences. The evil in this case was recognized a few days ago by the Vatican, which instructed Boston Catholic Charities to cease and desist. But far more is required. The Church cannot regain her health until churchmen stop promoting those who are uncommitted to her teachings and values. When someone with questionable antecedents is finally identified as complicit in an intolerable evil, the chain of advancement needs to be traced back to those who had every reason to know better. Their records too must be regarded as blemished so that their future recommendations will be ignored. This is the first step to untangling the web of ecclesiastical promotion, which is also the key to straightening out nearly everything else.

The gig is up.

This hierarchal mess has been about a system that had no sound structure for the faithful who have exhausted the protocol in the United States when an employee of the Archbishop's needs discipline and he refuses.

It's has been about the ridiculousness of sending papers around the Globe in an effort to get somebody from Rome to hop on a plane and remove the individual if the Bishops refuse to do so...and to remove the Bishops when it's clear they are more interested in the good old boy network than they are the innocent children that belong to Christ.

It has been about Catholic lay leaders who patronize and make small talk with the Bishops when they know the evils being perpetrated by the omissions, the misfeasance and malfeasance.

Nothing has changed.

All that remains is the warfare between the those who promote the holocaust against children and the handful willing to speak out against it and demand that Rome step in when the evidence on their desks can no longer be refuted.

Wednesday, as it stands right now, the Bishops of Boston are opening up their abortion business.

With all that we know, how can we be certain, that mothers all over town are not showing them the paper trails of pedophiles within?

If Rome is not "reacting" to the murders of children - then common sense would tell you that rape falls below their radars as well.

Its a very important week here in Boston and in Rome.

We need people to fax Rome....more info to follow.

We can all thank McNamental and the Boston Globe for the informercial.

Another proud moment for my children.

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