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Thursday, December 22, 2005 :::

More good news...

The Romney administration plans to introduce a new abstinence education program in Massachusetts schools beginning next month, the state's most aggressive effort yet to use a controversial method of teaching Bay State teenagers about sex.

Speaking of which - did anyone happen to read the statements of the idiots running the abstinence program for the Chancery?

"Sex is Great" - she screamed to the kids...I forget the rest of it - - but it was asinine. Some poor woman who read it commented in the Pilot mailbag saying how the article proved why she and anyone else in the right mind wouldn't trust their most precious gifts from God to people who work and volunteer for the Chancery.

They mean well - - but they lack wisdom and common sense...completely clueless on what messages children absorb when they are done with their foolishness.

The house of cards has a long way to go before it collapses. Meanwhile, the Governor is more reliable in discernment than the Archbishop.

It's a strange world!

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