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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, December 25, 2005 :::

Merry Christmas!

I promise to work my way through the emails - - which I very much appreciate.

All of you were in my prayers over these Holy days and thanks very much for yours.

It gets tougher and tougher every year to find a place to worship that hasn't gone schismatic. Oops, there I go again, telling secrets!! It's all hush-hush!

We went this year, of all places, Arch Street. My family was in town Christmas Eve in the North End and I couldn't make somplace I went for the bare minimum of going someplace where I at least believe they are transubstantiating - warned the kids as we usually do and told them to tune out the nonsense.

I picked up a bulletin and read through it - thought to myself...I just might someday show up at the place with 2000 spoofed bulletins and replace everyone they have in the joint. Pass them out as people are coming in, smiling and greeting them, of course.

I'd take every section that mentioend homosexuals and replace it with wifeswappers. We welcome wifeswappers. Have another section with a 'ministry' for pickpockets...interchange words that will make them appear ridiculous when it's lifted into the light of their spin that they are affirming sinful behavoir with lessons on how to make their sins more enjoyable and effective.

I'd know...casually pass them out. Wait for the chaos once people start reading it...then mosey on over to Mike's pastry for a cannoli and a cappuchino and call it a good day's work.

Everyone who ever picked up another bulletin from that day forth would see the deception of the head priest who has been leading people into their temptations since the day he arrived.

Speaking of which....everyone has read this by now I'm sure...

I sure hope Archbishop Burke puts a padlock on the place soon.

"I'm not worried about mortal sin," said worshipper Matt Morrison, 50. "I'll take a stand for what I believe is right."

For the sake of "peace" we keep Bishops and priests on the payroll for decades who are no more Roman Catholic than Ghandi. Nice fellow. Did good works - but certainly not a Catholic.

It was magic," said JoAnne La Sala of St. Louis, a self-described lapsed Catholic. "You could feel the spirit of the people."

Anyone in a state of Grace gets the shivers from their principalities.

Check out this story on their website.

Archbishop Raymond Burke might be a favored son of the Vatican, but interviews with more than a dozen priests reveal that as father to his former flock in La Crosse, his neo-conservative eccentricities alienated a large number of the clergy and the laity alike.

"He brought in any number of people -- hermits we called them, or consecrated virgins and religious orders of one and two and three people," says the priest who requested anonymity. "They were just -- forgive me for saying so -- but to most of us they were wackos. They're just psychologically not well equipped, and he brought these people in because theologically they agree with him."

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Here's a fascinating allegation which I have not checked out:

At times his theological allegiance with these orders placed Bishop Burke in some compromising positions. Most striking, perhaps, was the case of Sister Julie Green, a member of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus:

"Julie Green is living a lie!" writes Mary Therese Helmueller in an October 25, 2002, letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Papal Nuncio to the United States. "[She] is a transsexual, a biological male. He is really Joel Green, who had a sex operation to make him physically appear as a woman.... I fear that The Church in America will suffer another 'sex scandal' if Julie Green continues to be recognized as a Catholic Religious Sister, and if Bishop Raymond L. Burke receives his final vows, as a religious sister, on November 23rd, 2002."

Montalvo forwarded the letter to Burke, who on November 20, 2002, replied to Helmueller. "With regard to Sister Julie Green, F.S.J., the recognition of the association of the faithful which she and Sister Anne LeBlanc founded was granted only after consultation with the Holy See," he writes. "These are matters which are confidential and do not admit of any further comment.... I can assure you that Sister Julie Green in no way espouses a sex change operation as right or good. In fact, she holds it to be seriously disordered. Therefore, I caution you very much about the rash judgments which you made in your letter to the Apostolic Nuncio."


While I see the good Bishop's point, admitting transvestites are not confidential whatsoever. It's patently obvious by appearance what is going on - - and it's shocking and confusing. Ordaining transvestite women into the priesthood is a private matter?

Perhaps this website is making this up. I make no judgments on it's authenticity because they are completely untrustworthy - - but it's a head scratcher if true.

If somebody who is in the know on this matter would drop me an email - I'd appreciate it.

I certainly would like to know the skinny on it.

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