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Saturday, December 31, 2005 :::

Looks like crocodile tears are not going to be worth a half million dollars this time around.

The plan would require many of the claimants to prove their case in a mediation process in which they would be cross-examined and may be forced to confront priests accused of abuse, the alleged victims' lawyers said.

A group calling themselves Survivors of Sheister Lawyers and Schismatics issued a press release saying the 7.5 million is quite safe, if true. "The archdiocese has apparently abandoned the callous, disrespectful and unconstitutional manner that characterized the previous round of settlements", said spokesperson for the lawfirm handling the defense for the accused, Endof Screwins and Howe.

Durso said the second wave of people filing claims came forward thinking they would face the same process that the 554 others did in the 2003 settlement. Since there was no tribunal in the first round, Durso said, ''they said they felt it was safe to come forward."

"Let them go through civil court like everyone else and see how the judge reacts to their statements" said attorney Endof Screwins.

''There is no basis for that conclusion that these aren't legitimate," he said.

"Other than the fact they have no evidence whatsoever and every fact on the record contradicts the allegations" said attorney Howe.

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