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Thursday, December 01, 2005 :::

Letter to Editor from one of our local orthodox priests...

Thomas Menino is a decent man and has done more than a decent job as mayor of Boston. He would be a welcome guest and contributor at the Catholic Charities annual Christmas dinner, but he ought not be the honoree, no more than Justice Antonin Scalia would be the honoree at a NARAL event or George W. Bush at the Globe's holiday brunch.

Well stated.

You know what's interesting?

Why is it that nobody accused VOTF of not caring about the poor when they went after Cardinal Law?

Clearly, Cardinal Law's contributions to the poor far outweigh Mayor Menino's contributions.

Why wasn't Jim Post, Jan Leary and Walter Cuenin et al accused of trying to take soup of the mouths of the poor with their intiative to withhold money from the Cardinal who would have less money to give to the poor?

Why didn't Menino step up to the plate and say the Cardinal was a good person who helped people every day and VOTFers are uncharitable?

Why didn't Menino issue a statement to the Globe, saying VOTF is hurting the Church and is exclusive?

Come now.

We'd be less motivated to have Menino removed from his pedastal of honor, if he marched with wifebeaters to protect their civil rights to beat their wives.

Surely, everyone understands marching in parades with women who want the civil right to murder their children should have been a factor to the leadership at Catholic Charities when went through their list of candidates they wanted to honor.

If they didn't understand then - they are damn well going to understand in the next few weeks.

Fr. Hennessey hits the hypocrisy.

What about Fran Kissling of Catholics for Free Choice?

Does Catholic Charities think they could get away with honoring her?

Would the Archbishop allow that honor to proceed if Fr. Hehir sent out a press release like the one he did for Mayor Menino?

Let's have the decency to be honest, shall we?

Fr. Hennessey is one of our refuges down on the South of the few places (if only place) that we can safely go to in order to get the authentic faith taught to our our families...and he has always stood in the public squre adn defended our rights to correct the errors being taught to our children.

It's encouraging when a priest has the courage to back us up in the newspaper...we need more priests like Fr. Hennessey.

Would all who read here today offer Christ a prayer of Thanksgiving for him...and beckon St. Michael to be at his side?

Thanks muchly.

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