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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, December 17, 2005 :::

It's getting mighty interesting!

I find this all rather disturbing. I have never heard of this group or this person named Carol till I opened my email this morning and found a copy of this post. Fr. Carr is a good and decent man, who I had a very nice conversation with yesterday. He is certainly not running infomercials for me or doing me any favors. He did open my eyes to many issues, and I feel I brought some to his attention. I am not sure of the agenda that Carol is putting forth here, but I am very concerned by the twisting and manufacture of information. I am very open about my public life, the work I do, and certainly have no reason to hide behind the guise of any other person or persona as Carol has insinuated. Fr. Carr has not been "hoodwinked" or "silenced". However as Christians and Catholics, we and others like us want to work together to bring an end to the dark cloud of divison that hangs over the Catholic Church and make it whole again. This type of activity and accusation on this post makes that goal very hard, but we will overcome. There are those who are very wrong on both sides of the debate, and I have certainly discovered evidence of this on one side this morning. I hope through dialouge we can all change this.

What a corker this bloat is!!

am not sure who you are or what rock you crawled out from under. The allegations you have made below are very strange and scurrilous, not to mention “liable” I think I understand where you obtained my email from (Deal Hudson) and from whom.(Hudson) It would be interesting how that person would feel if I shared his private email and information with the world as he has done with mine. It is very easy to trace a road runner email once you have it, and then manipulate that IP address to fit your other needs as you have below.

Yes I did call Fr. Carr yesterday and we did have very nice and thoughtful conversation. There is much to work on and there is common ground for all to find together.

I am not sure what your agenda is. However the way you have framed matters and manipulated information below has me concerned and I feel threatened. I will be handing this over to my attorney for review. I formally request that whoever you are “cmmckinley”, that you cease and desist all communication with me, and that you also remove all reference to my personal information from your communications with others. If you decline, I will peruse this matter, identify you and contact you local law enforcement agency.

Eric McFadden

My response:

Good one!

Listen, Einstein, you contacted Fr. Carr because while you were on my blog commenting, you found what I wrote about Fr. Carr having blogged about your communist/Klu Klux Klan initiative.

You think Fr. Carr is stupid enough to believe that you were lying in bed and suddenly had an urge to call him out of the blue?

Do you have any idea who you are dealing with?

Do you think that over the five years I've been an activist that prolifers haven't forwarded me your emails that were damaging to our mission? Surely, you are kidding!

Further, your accusation that I manipulated your IP address is asinine. It came from a company I pay to track you bullies.

Do you think that with all the threats and hatred being spewed at me and my family that I'm not going to have a tracking device for my oldest daughter, my friends, my priests who know what's going on to come to my computer and track the suspects and hand them over to the police? That's not going to stand up when you tell that to the police and I show them what I have on you.

I'm dealing with the corruption worse than the Mafia - and I wouldn't put it past any of you to murder - in fact, that's the entire mission of your proabort missions. People's lives mean nothing to you when it threatens your shticks.

I'm all choked up about the nice chit chat with Fr. Carr and he has joined Cardinal Bernadin and Hehir and Hillary Clinton.

Make sure you send your attorney to my website so he can read all the stuff you posted over there and when the police come - I think we'll all have a very interesting story to tell them.

Further, what is your obsession with Deal Hudson? He didn't give me your email but it sure sounds to me that the emails and comments you've written both private and public about me, you've done something similar to him? Perhaps it's time to contact him and find out what you are talking about. Sounds to me like Hudson might have an email authored by you that I might be interested in.

He's too much of a gentleman to get down in the gutter with you. I do it because I'm sick and tired of seeing you and your bullies victimize people like you do to me - and get away with it.

Faithful United

You can see how our good priests and Bishops can be hoodwinked into their foolishness because they pretend they're all about peace and justice - - meanwhile, they've been silencing and bullying prolifers in our parishes with this kind of conduct for decades.

With the internet - they have the ability to take on multiple personalities and put on a different mask when they want to accomplish a dirty filthy deed - while, by the by, they're up at the Chancery telling our priests and Bishops how they're all about peace and justice and for "the poor". Suddenly, there's "30,000" of them. The same old 30,000 who operate Call to Action and Planned Parenthood.

The Chancery and our priests are sold a bill of goods - until "the pamphleteers" show up with the paper trails of their "extracurricular activities" the political proabort brigade don't show the priests and Bishops....and the bullying that goes along with it.

The authentic faith hasn't been silenced because these people wanted to hear the dialogue of the Magisterium. They've shut it off in our parishes for the last 40 years. The whole point of their exercise is that there IS no common ground in the Sanctuary for Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae and morality and virtue to share with their mission of dialogue. It was, from the beginning of time, "dialogue" to silence the truth.

Snap out of it.

Hopefully, Fr. Carr will wake up and get a good whiff of the dung he was told was roses and move the obstacles so truth can be told in unity with the mission of Christ.

We're lining up on sides here - and Hehir and McFadden and Menino and Catholic Charities are not on our side. The Bishop is paralyzed and the wolves have snapped up Fr. Carr.

Shame at the Chancery...because it's clear to all who want to see it, what happens to the faithful in the pews when they let the wolves in wearing a mask of virtue and peace.

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