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Sunday, December 18, 2005 :::

If you mosey on over to Fr. Carr's blogeroo today-- in the place where the informercial was about Eric McFadden - is this.


In my last email to McFadden - I wrote the following:

The rising of the anti-Christ and his teachings which PROMOTES sinful conduct - - needs a diabolical army to clear the path of repentent sinners trying to hold onto the deposit of faith.

A word to the wise - let this be the end of your terrorism against prolifers. What we are about is stopping the probaby killing politicians you and Hitler endorse, for the "common good". This fight is about the preservation of an institution which EMBRACES sinners who repent of their sins. This is about an institution that teaches THE COMMUNITY the difference between right and wrong. How dare you marginalize our mission and our precious Sacraments of Christ's Church and alienate us to get the politicians promoting a halocaust against women and children elected.

If you don't understand the mission of Christ's authentic church - mosey on into a theater and watch the Chronicles of Narnia. The brother who betrays and repents is embraced - but the war rages on against those who promote the evil empire.

When you're finshed with that, go home and turn on the trail against Saddam and listen to the women and children who were tortured, raped, sodomized, killed, persecuted. Listen to the families who were terrorized by that regime....Unless you're a chavanist pig who hates women and children and annoint the regime of Saddam - that should be enough of your rantings over the sacrifices our soldiers are making to free those people.

If you want to serve the poor - there are plenty of initiatives that you can direct your energy into.

You have an opportunity here to save face. It's a window to look in the mirror and repent of your conduct against Christ's elite army screaming out for justice for the 40 million babies whose spinal cords are being severed while they are alive. There's no "common good" in the politicians who promote such societies. Get off their bus for the sake of your own soul and cease and desist your assault against and "Shamus".

I thank you for leaving us to our duties and backing off and wish you, too, the best of luck in your future discernment.

It's a critical time to pray for McFadden's rescue. He's been lost in the grips of deception for quite some time...and it's a long path of humility to turn your life around and head the other direction.

It's Christ who saves - not us.

We only point to which path is which.

Until the prodigal son is booted out - he continues to fool himself and others around him...pacified by our deceptive notion that we are being "pastoral" by our holding onto them and enabling their shticks to continue.

Bon Voyage Eric - it's a long road we've all been through...and it gets ugly.

But the shepherd loved enough to let you go and find your God....who can be found no other place but in the mirror of recognizing our errors as errors.

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