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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 :::

If it's one thing I absolutely LOVE...'s being called an "extremist"!

The article in the National Catholic Distorter - admits we've taken control.

"Extremists drive church agenda"

Church leaders are being pushed and bullied by bands of extreme zealots who may refer to themselves as “authentic” Catholics but who have no bona fides beyond their small circles of discontent. One Boston area extremist who fomented opposition to the Catholic Charities dinner had this to say about Hehir on her Web site: “This man is pure unadulterated evil. He literally sends shivers up my spine. … If he and his cronies think we’re going to tolerate he [sic] and the archbishops’ material cooperation in abortions -- we’ll chase them out of town faster than you can say Voice of the Faithful.”


Brian Hehir is a priest of distinguished intellect and long, outstanding service who commands broad respect in church and academic circles and in the wider culture. He is an example of a diminishing breed of priest that once walked securely throughout the culture, bringing the wisdom of the Catholic tradition, authentic Catholicism, to all areas of society.

Thanks be to Christ - he no longer walks securely....and from what I understand - when it comes time to swim in the Atlantic Ocean here in Massachusetts, Hehir will have moved on.

There is division and derision in the ranks of the Chancery and Catholic Charities - the point of chaos.

KUDOS to all who took part in the exposition and Christian activism.

There is, of course, nothing authentic or Catholic about the extremist’s slander and character assassination. But it exists in abundance out there and in too many places it is driving the agenda.

The National Catholic Reporter is THE RAG OF slander and character assassination!


Bottom line - - The days of the Chancery advocating proaborts and Klu Klux Klansman while we all nod and write charitble letters expecting they're acting in good faith and are on a pursuit of truth..and will "do something" are OVER.

Both the press and the Chancery only hear the shrill of zealots. The battle is on and we are winning. It didn't fall their way after all.

This is my favorite part:

We can become the absolutists, the literalists who keep cutting off limbs and poking out eyes to fend off that which we find disagreeable. Or we can rediscover the robustness of true Catholicism. We can recognize that politics is not religion. We can rejoin the fray, making our points by persuasion and example, not by ultimatums, sulking and walking away.

Batton down the hatches proaborts - you ain't seen nothing yet!

The zealots and phamphlateers are gearing up for another round.

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