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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, December 11, 2005 :::

Here's their disclaimer sent in response:

"Eric McFadden is no longer employed by or affiliated with Catholics for Faithful Citizenship.

Catholics for Faithful Citizenship is NOT affiliated with Planned Parenthood nor do we support them.

Catholics for Faithful Citizenship is not affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Slander and veiled threats will not be tolerated and will be referred to our legal counsel for immediate review."

In a message dated 12/11/2005 12:09:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

You are requesting us to release your press release?? You do not have your own developed media list?

Once again – we ask that you get your facts straight on our organizations instead of your wild assumptions.

Merry Christmas.

I sure do have my own list, Santa Claus - I was presuming you'd be a big boy and add it to your links on your site - democracy and all.

To Whom am I speaking?

Name yourself please so that I may send your correspondence to our attorneys.

I suppose putting you all individually on the witness stand with your public voting records that either say D or R or I would prove otherwise. So wouldn't asking each of you whether you support a woman's right to choose murder.

You lobbied the slander & threats first pal and I'm not intimidated by your bullying.

You called me a "Catnholic dissenter" - which is a slander I take very seriously.

Back off and take your notation that I dissent from Catholic teaching off your site.

This is a democracy. You want to make a hero out of me and prove it - you go right ahead.

You may have the Bishops under their beds - but some of us aren't scared of you.

The reply:

Your name is not listed on our web site. And yes, you are a dissenter. You have attacked Bishops and called a Priest “evil”. You should be held accountable.

There is no “D” or “R” here. Simply Catholics who are sick of the actions of a small radical minority that does not speak for or represent the views of the majority of Catholics. You are right – it is a Democracy, and we will be heard as well. There are no Bishops under our beds, but we shudder to think what may have crawled out from under yours.

Merry Christmas,

Shamus P. O’Rouke – Director

Dear Shamus,

Glad you see the light of democracy in motion.

If you're saying that saying "get away from me Satan" to a priest is an act of dissent - you've just called Christ a heretic.

"Dissent" is when you "reject" the teachings of the Church. Your statement is libel and slander and a serious attack on my reputation. I do not "reject" any teaching of Christ's Church.

You're site has posted lies and mischaracterizations lobbying charges against prolife Catholics and anyone in their right mind who is following the story knows exactly who you are talking about. You then link Eileen McNamental's story which names us. Surely, you jest that you don't "name" me. Your bully email trying to lobby people to attack me and then threatening me has been exposed.

Saying you are not associated with the Democrats nor are you proaborts wouldn't pass the sniff test of individual examinations of whether you have registered "D" or "R" in the past 20 years....and asking each of you whether you "reject" what we all know you reject in the Catechism - clearly indicated on your website.

Glad you agree the democracy is still in place and I have the constitutional right to correct your errors in which you pretend to speak as a "Catholic" leader. "Majority views" is a political phrase which is otherwise known as heresy if matched against the views you are obliged to assent your will to as a Roman Catholic.

Take your Klu Klux Klan ideology and bully somebody else. Real Catholics here will push the wimpy Bishops to shut down our Catholic Hospitals before they order their employees to comply with the directive to murder.

Thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate what we've been putting up with by the Menino crowd of cronies under the image of Santa Claus.

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