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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, December 11, 2005 :::

Here's a few things from the mailbag:

Well ,you reactionary Catholics have once more made me embarassed and angry about your total lack of understanding of Jesus teachings. I am 67 years old and am so disappointed in the Church that you obviously want that I can no longer attend. You may be a loyal Catholic but you are definitely not a follower of Christ! You seem more concerned with your personal issues than if your actions are Christ like. Have you ever read the Sermon On The Mount?


Dear Al,

Not only have a I read the Sermon on the Mount, I live it.

I'm sorry that you have been misled by our wayward priests into their interpretations which gave them the license to act upon their own temptations. Misery loves company and they hijacked our religion.

This struggle is about the fundamental right to retain a religion which teaches us to resist our temptations to sinful lust and murdering children, elderly and handicapped because they are inconvenient. It's communist.

This country is still, on paper, a democracy. You have your opinions which you express in the public square in an effort to lobby people to your "understanding". My religion aside, I have those same rights constitutionally and to suggest that I or others don't is prohibited by the government of the people. I am a people, you're a people.

I am truly sorry for your hurt, but we want our religion back and we do intend to get it back.

In Christ, Carol McKinley

Here's another that speaks for itself:

Dear Carol,

I just read your article (Magisterial Fidelity)
regarding Friday night's events, and I wanted to tell
you what a great job you did!! We Catholics (the
truly faithful ones) are blessed to have a "warrior"
like you on our side. I am a XXXXXXX native, but a 2000
Boston College grad currently living in XXXXXXXXXXXX
and planning to move back to Boston in June, so I have
been dealing with this liberal Archdiocese for years
and am very interested to see what the future holds
for the Catholic Church in Boston.

I am extremely troubled about the wimp you found in
Fr. Hehir, but it doesn't really surprise me. Having
been educated by Jesuits, I'm used to these "priests"
who are actually more anti-Catholic (and proud of it!)
than most non-Catholics themselves. However, I just
keep praying, writing letters to voice my anger and
concerns, and I am confident that God will deal with
them in His own time (sometimes, that is the only
thing that keeps me from losing all hope!) Fr. Hehir
has a lot of converting to do or else I fear he might
lose his eternal he'd better get moving!

Anyway, XXXXXXXX (I'm not sure if you know XXXXXXXX, but
he is a wonderful Catholic who is working hard like
you, C.J. Doyle, etc.) sent me the link to your
article and continues to send me articles to keep me
posted. I can't do much down in XXXXXXXXX, but
rest assured that I'm on your side and protest (in my
own way, namely letter-writing) as often as is needed.
We have a lot of fighting to do, but please keep up
the good work. You give people like me a lot of
confidence and courage, and it's nice to know we DO
have great Catholic leaders, but they just happen to
be in the form of lay people! Hey, if the Bishops
won't do anything about promoting and defending Church
teachings, we'll just have to take matters into our
own hands!

God Bless you for all that you do, please continue
your work (God is definitely on your side...what a
great time for snow last Friday!), & I hope you and
your family are enjoying this Christmas season!


PS- I just hope the Vatican will do something about
this Archdiocese and Catholic Charities sooner rather
than later!

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