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Carol M. McKinley

Thursday, December 29, 2005 :::

God sees embryos as "full and complete" humans, Pope Benedict said on Wednesday in an address that firmly underlined the Roman Catholic Church's stance against abortion and scientific research on embryos.

"The loving eyes of God look on the human being, considered full and complete at its beginning," Benedict said in his weekly address to the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square.

(sshhh...don't tell McFartten..he'll think the Pope is in schism with himself)

"It is extremely powerful, the idea in this psalm, that in this 'unformed' embryo God already sees the whole future," Benedict said.

"In the Lord's book of life, the days that this creature will live and will fill with works during his time on earth are already written."

He sees the child, the children of the child, the children's children - being snuffed out...generation after generation.

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