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Thursday, December 01, 2005 :::


Picket of . . .
Catholic Charities and Mayor Tom Menino

Friday, December 9

5:15 PM - 6:45 PM

Location: Boston Harbor Hotel, 70 Rowes Wharf (big archway), on Atlantic

Leave yourself PLENTY of time for travel, parking, etc.!!


FROM THE NORTH: Take I-93 South to EXIT 23 (Purchase Street & South
Station). Go straight and take the second left onto Congress Street, then
take the next left, which is Atlantic Ave.

Continue on Atlantic Ave. for about a quarter-mile, following signs for
"ROWES WHARF." Turn RIGHT off of Atlantic Ave where you will see a sign,
"ROWES WHARF / BOSTON HARBOR HOTEL" (just about in front of the archway).
This leads to a short access road with the hotel on the right of the
archway. A parking garage is on the left of the archway.

FROM THE SOUTH: Take I-93 North to EXIT 20 (I-90 East & West / South Station
/ South Boston). Follow the signs to South Station / Downtown. Once at South
Station you are on Atlantic Ave., which is One Way. Continue on Atlantic
Ave. (See above.)

FROM THE WEST: Follow the Mass. Pike to Exit 24-A for South Station. This
puts you on Atlantic Ave., which is One Way. Continue on Atlantic Ave. (See

PARKING: there is a parking garage at Rowes Wharf, just to the left of the
archway. Arrive after 5 PM and it will cost you $18 (!!) – before 5 PM is
even more! (Car-pooling is a good idea!) You can also try some of the side
streets, such as Northern Ave. near the Moakley Federal Court House. But be
prepared to walk at least a quarter of a mile.

Thomas M. Menino is an adversary of the Catholic Church, an opponent of
Catholic morality, and a supporter of the culture of death — pro-abortion,
pro-"gay" marriage, pro-domestic partners, sponsored a "gay" prom for
teenagers, he marches in the annual "Gay Pride" parade, etc. — who has
carried on a campaign of aggressive de-Christianization in the municipal
government of Boston.

Why any organization which bears the name Catholic would wish to honor such
an apostate is as incomprehensible as it is outrageous. (From Catholic
Action League memorandum.)


-- Bill Cotter

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