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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, December 26, 2005 :::

From the mailbag...

I posted as a faithful and pro-life Catholic and signed off with a sincere wish for a blessed Christmas and new year. You must be used to this, but to me an answer I got has just set me back. The answer to me was how I am not pro-life at all stages of life. There was also talk about the death penalty and the poor, you know the drill.

They do not know us at all, Carol.

The kind friend in Christ went on to describe a personal family loss due to a violent crime - and how their family, being prolifers, kept their allegiance to the sanctity of life and never entertained a life for a life via the death penalty.

I actually do not oppose the death penalty, still know it should be an available option in appropriate cases and used rarely.

Which of course, is the teaching of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. The death penalty is allowed when the individual is in prison, can and is causing violence to others - ordering executions from jail - etc.

Prolifers are advocates of the sanctity of life, even when that life is a violent criminal, in the hopes that extending that life and working on conversion will lead to the salvation of that person's soul.

We cherish life.

All life.

I am saddened by the poverty in the world. Our blessed country has done much in the way of charity, very much, and we will always do much.

Of course, prolifers are working to eradicate poverty. Of course we work to give the poor a chance at a better life, along with our work to save the children whose spines are being severed in utero.

We do both.

We do it all in every way we can when opportunity arises.

I disagree that McFaddens and Meninos and Hehirs, et al, "do not know us".

Of course they know.

They are twisting and perverting what they know in publicity stunts to make it appear as though prolifers aren't active in all phases of protecting life so that they can be effective in plugging in politicians who support and advocate the murders of children.

These are people who bring the poverty striken under their wing, and encourage them to kill their children as a productive choice which will lead them to better standards of living.

We know the opposite is true.

When you kill your children, there are consequences that are Divine to the mother and to the family.

At some point, the mother realizes that the life she snuffed out was a baby and a human being was entitled to live their lives as she did...and the havoc on the psyche is catastrophic.

Their poster woman who they exploited to make the murders legal in this country has been brave enough to stand and speak the truth about what happened afterwards and why she is now working to have Roe v. Wade overturned.

Incidently, for those of you who are new readers in the past year, six months, the very woman who operates a program for the Commonwealth called "Healthy Families" is entrenched at the Chancery as one of the chief directors of "Talking about Touching". Her "Heathy Families" program has a component that goes into the homes of young parents and counsels them to abort any future pregnancies and use contraception - - the reason she gives as a license is- abortion is a good way to avoid abusing your children when they become a millstone around your neck.

When we got nowhere with Archbishop O'Malley in pointing out what was going on with Suzin Bartley of Healthy Families, why we did not want her to be an agent of wisdom on what to say to children about sexual touching - - Fr. Carr gave a homily at the Cathedral on what was going on -- and how to avoid dangers as Roman Catholic parents in what is now "CCD" under AB O'Malley.

He had exhausted, as we have exhausted, every venue for charitable conversations - in peace and goodwill among men and women. Nuncio Shmuncio, and the Holy See - have ignored the fact that Planned Parenthood, Larry Kessler and Walter Cuenin et al are in charge now of soliciting children to their safe ideas about sex in Boston. They have refused to act on the paper trail.

We have no other options but to expose it in public for what it is. I would presume, that the Holy See has acted - told the Archbishop to act - and the Archbishop refuses to act.

We know that he does this - because he has publicly announced so in the newspapers on several occasions. When the CDC announced that they wanted him to act on Catholic Charities - they went to the Globe and said they do not comment on letters from the Holy See - and that they take recommendations from lay people now - not the Holy See - and they are awaiting the recommendations from the lay people on what to do about Catholic Charities.

There is no mystery here.

Only truth.

Fr. Carr, in fact, was called into the Chancery and Bishop Lennon read him the riot act - and a note went out from the Chancery to Suzin Bartley apologizing for Fr. Carr's homily. Suzin is doing good works, he was told, and the Chancery is ashamed of how we are all talking about abortion program and contraception program that she operates. She's the nice lady they are letting counsel our children about keeping your family "clean and healthy".

There I go again! Talking naughty about the Bishops!

Naughty, naughty me!

It's not Catholic when you fink on Bishops!

I got a little email from a good priest in Boston - a little upset with me regarding my post on the controversy regarding the allegations about the transvestite nun, Bishop Burke and the Holy see - posted on the schismatic parish site - St. Stan's.

It's naughty to say you have concerns about ordaining women who went transvestite and considers herself a man...or a man who considers themselves a woman who is somewhere wearing a nun's outfit courtesy of Bishop Burke and the Holy See.

With all due respect to Bishop Burke - and I'm a huge supporter of his shtick - - if the dissenters bring forward an allegation which is troubling to us, it's "OK" to discuss it in the public square.

We are justified in doing so, if an indvidual has followed the protocol to the Nuncio and Holy See after exhausting such protocol - - and been chastisted for it by Bishop Burke.

That's the allegation here. Somebody tried to go up the ranks - and they got a nasty note back from Bishop Burke saying it was naughty.

Again, I make no judgment on whether this is truth. I'm simply saying, if it is the truth, we've got big problems if we don't bring the situation into the light.

Somewhere, somebody has to tap the Bishop and explain to him the problemo with the execution of the above.

We have been given the Grace to see the know the a world where most people have been so led astray that they are completely unable to recognize truth when they see it.

There are some afflictions that are obstacles to ordination - and religious orders, even when that person assents to the Magisterium.

If a transvestite assents to the Magisterium, he goes back to being a man. He is no longer a transvestite. It's an oxymoron. There is no carrying forward with the deception that he is a woman and the last thing we want is for the Church to put a skirt on him and send him into the children.

If the transvestite left his way of life as living as a woman, went back to being a man - - and eventually was ordained and spoke about when he was confused and deceived by the devil into false beliefs - - that would be a witness to the truth.

Face it - if he is living as a woman - he has not amended his ways, nor has he surrendered to the fact that he is a man. The Bishop is being hoodwinked, quite frankly.

This is not a cult, kiddos, no matter how much they try to make it out to be. When orders come down that are disordered - we don't follow them. That is the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Don't drink the Kookaid, even if it's priests and Bishops who tell you to. Even when it is good priests and Bishops who tell you to.

Matter of fact, its especially important not to drink Koolaid when it's good priests and Bishops who tell you to.

Navigating through which is truth and which is koolaid is found in the set of standards and rules that have been left to us by the martyrs and saints.

There is no confusion if you are in a state of Grace.

We know the Shepherd's voice and we know when it isn't the Shepherd.

The Holy Spirit is the author and creator of life - even if that life is unexpected..not planned...even if that life was brought about through our sins..or the sins of is life. It is precious. It was created, molded, formed by God and placed in our wombs. God has a plan for that child's life which we have no right to snuff out.

If God can straighten out the crooked path of a King who committed adultery and had the husband of that woman killed so he could possess her - He can and will straighten out everything if we trust in Him. Bathsheba and David's lineage was blessed when they repented and surrendered to God what is God's.

Helping the Kings and Bishops create a cover up system - isn't Holy Spirit. It's cowardice and it's selfishness.

I understand why people do it - but let's not make honesty ugly, shall we?

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