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Friday, December 16, 2005 :::

Fr. Carr's post on McFadden's initiative

Fr. Carr posted quite an interesting story about Eric McFadden this morning.

I got home this evening and found this on his website instead.

McFadden and Fr. Carr had a nice chit chat and for the common good, Fr. Carr will allow McFaddden to continue to assault women and children and families who are defending the faith in the public square.

"However, it is also true that without some form of dialog there will never be an understanding of positions or even a move to conversion on any plane"

Come now - let us have the decency to be honest. Plenty of people have spoken to McFadden in an effort to convert him. Priests, Bishops, saints who live on earth.

The first 30,000 who spoke to McFadden were not the Messiah.

"We opened the possiblity of some form of dialog."

But apparently, the Messiah has arrived on the scene.

Beg pardon...but is there a lack of understanding over what the positions are of Menino, Bryan Hehir, Hillary Clinton, Catholics for Free choice & John Kerry et al?

Dialog all you want - but let's expose the Klu Klux Klan while we are at it, shall we? Their potential victims are relying upon our courage to do so.

Let's cut to the chase, McFadden was all goo-goo and ga-ga, hon and deary and pretended he could give Fr. Carr a platform to be a celebrity..and Fr. Carr has adopted the Common Ground Initiative to show his appreciation....meanwhile - McFadden's Christian assault on prolifers will go under Fr. Carr's radar.

Palsy Walsies.

How precious.

Meanwhile, the individual who sent me this dialogue, via email, and then posted it on my site....

Carol M. McKinley has knowingly placed herself in a state of excommunication. Carol has placed herself in grave peril by acting in a non Christian and Un Catholic Way. She has continued to spew hateful, racist and biggoted garbage on her web site that has the level of organization of a kindergarten student. Carol must cease and desist from parading as a Catholic and attending mass, lest she place her soul in eternal damnation.

A law suit according to Cannon Law has been filed. The heretic McKinley shall be brought before the witches council for trial before the next full moon.

Furthermore it is known that Carol is a practicing Lesbian, not in teaching with the Catholic Church. Her repeated donations to Gay and Lesbian groups and NAMBLA will be noted in an up and coming press release and letter to the Archbishop of Boston.

....has an IP address which is the following: [] (Dublin Ohio)

Guess where McFadden is from...

Catholics for
Faithful Citizenship
6290 Hyland Drive, Dublin, OH 43017

June 22nd, 2005

Incidently - McFadden's email address is:

McFadden's email:

From the posts on my

When the IT people get a hold of the paper trail - there will be more info on activisim going on from Dublin Ohio...from ""

Here's another one of his posts:

Carol an other whack jobs come no where close to the message of love of John Paul II. Do not soil his name by associating him the heretic whack jobs. There is nothing Democratic here. It is the Republican party that twists the life issue to fit its own sick agenda that is not in line with Church teaching. People like the witch Carol who align themselves with the Republican party have placed themselves in a state of excommunication and will be delt with by Cannon law.

From Fr. Carr: "He brought forth some of the other issues at stake in regard to the poor that needs to be addressed. I did as well."

Poor us.

More comments posted on my site by the "activist" from Dublin Ohio

Zem - you are into Nambla as well? Wow - a nest of you Satanic Nambla worshipers. Your all going to burn in hell for your heresy to the Church. Supression of others voice? Yep, you bet Carol the Nazi AKA Carol Gobbels is all about that. Nasty dirty filty bitch that she is.

This guy is in the Knights of Columbus?

Carl Anderson is going to get a certified letter with the paper trail.

From Fr. Carr's site:

Eric McFadden called and we talked. He said also that was the president of that organization but that is no longer the case. He is now involved with an organization called The Catholic Alliance for the Common Good

Eric McFadden Called
Mood: a-ok
Topic: Christian Activism



Christian Activism indeed:

Catholic Charities of Boston has recently come under attack by right wing dissidents who object to the appearance of the Mayor of Boston at the group’s annual Christmas dinner. The protestors also object to the policy of Catholic Charities that applies to assistance to same sex couples adopting troubled foster children. They of course overlook that Catholic Charities is simply being a good citizen of Massachusetts by following state law that requires them to work with same sex couples. It is clear that the intent of Catholic Charities is to comply with the law rather than to disagree with Church teachings.

In a recent letter to his email list, Republican Catholic surrogate and attack dog, Deal Hudson stated, "It is time to put 'Catholic' beliefs and teachings back into Catholic Charities of Boston." Apparently in RCIA class, Hudson missed the vast section concerning the Catholic beliefs and teachings that are the core of Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities certainly lives up to the teachings of the Catholic Church by providing basic needs and services to more than 150,000 people each year. These services include food and fuel assistance, which is of greater concern this year than ever before due to the recent immoral budget cuts passed by Hudson’s GOP friends in the House of Representatives.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that a society that wishes and intends to remain at the service of the human being at every level is a society that has the common good, the good of all people and the whole person as its primary goal.

Hudson and other right wing Catholic dissidents should focus less on their narrow issues and focus more on the common good of all. Catholic Charities of Boston is a living example of the Catholic Social Tradition and their actions this Christmas season will be a beacon of hope for those who are the least among us.

Fr. Carr is running infomercials for them.

All is well!!

Thumbs up to McFadden!!

On the Heels of Dan and Maria covering up for the Bishops and Bryan Hehir - I couldn't be any more disgusted. I'll tell you that right now.

It's like watching the Nazi's take over, patronize the priests who go along to get along with them - and in the other corner after months of watching the Dan and Maria spit out press releases backing up the corrupt regime in the face of the truth - - their exit strategy will give license to Hehir et al - to purport that the truth the rest of us are telling about the Chancery is a lie.

Yeah. We're giving out misinformation about the Chancery and Hehir, that's the spin. Every man for himself.

Maybe Fr. Carr can nominate McFadden for next year's Catholic Charities honoree...and they'll all yuk it up in dialogue at the Boston Harbor Hotel, for the common good and all with Hillary and Mary Jo Bane.

Incidently, the individual who claims to now be in charge of the catholicsforfaithfulcitizenship- - called himself "Shamus O'Rourke" and he told me he was from Washington D.C.

Nobody has ever heard of him - nothing comes up on google. Can my palsies down in D.C. please contact me regarding "Shamus"?

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