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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, December 04, 2005 :::

Dear Mayor Menino, Fr. Hehir and Mr. Meade:

I am forwarding to you an article from "Bay Windows" ( which makes clear the necessity of immediate intervention on the Catholic Charities event scheduled for next Friday, December 9th.

Since no prolifer is allowed to attend this event, it has now deteriorated into a civil rights fornication event.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to remind you that Larry Kessler's initiative authored the Little Black Book(
While Mr. Kessler may think he is acting in good faith to reduce HIV, his philosophies are prohibited from being taught in the Roman Catholic religion. When he circumvents parents who are keeping safe environments for their children in the public arena - it is our duty to alternately warn other parents of the dangers.

Further, while Mr. Kessler I'm sure is unaware how many pedophiles are active in his group, what we do know, is that some of his activists were caught red-handed giving out the book to grammar school, junior high school and high school children and any reasonable prudent person must conclude that such activity is for no other purpose but to recruit children into their adult initiative.

We have spent an extraordinary amount of energy documenting to the Archbishop and Bishop Lennon before him, how Mr. Kessler's leadership involvement other initiatives, VOTF, etc., has spent the last three years grooming adults to take over the sexual education of our children, with the help of Fr. Bryan Hehir and leaders who have long histories of promoting immorality, including the "civil rights" of minor children to be sexually active.

Despite the paper trails we have sent to the Archdiocese, apparently via the advice of Fr. Hehir, individuals who subscribe to various sexual depravities have been appointed to overtake "religious sexual education" and adult formation, and, we'd like to find out why the depraved sexual philosophies of the adults you place in custody of our children doesn't appear to conflict with their safety in your minds. "Gee whillikers."

The "right wing", which the Mayor describes below, is otherwise known as those who subscribe to avoiding the temptation to sin and wanting their religion to administer the teachings and Sacramental Grace required for success is going to rely upon the disciplinary actions of the Bishops in the United States.

Archbishop Sean is being held over a barrel by people who have threatened to do the same thing to him as they did to Cardinal Law and we believe we will be gathering up National leaders and soliciting help from the Vatican to help back up Archbishop Sean and encourage him to take the disciplinary action against the leadership at Catholic Charities.

Our desires to protect our own children and those of others is not "hateful". We are repeating history, and Fr. Hehir and Catholic Charities appear to be uniting political leaders and sexual activists in a public assault against us.
It is our intention to take back our religion, one parish at a time. Our Lady Help of Christians is free. We are now focused on Catholic Charities and we will be invincible in recovering what belongs to us.

Fr. Hehir - it is your duty to cease being disobedient and remove the Mayor from your platform of honor. We ask that you do this immediately.

Vibrantly yours,

Carol McKinley

Published: Thursday, December 1, 2005

Archbishop Sean O'Malley and conservative Catholic curmudgeons C.J. Doyle and Carol McKinley may be boycotting Catholic Charities's annual Christmas dinner for honoring Mayor Thomas Menino - and urging others to do the same - but it looks like their seats won't stay empty when the event rolls around on Dec. 9.

Doyle's Catholic Action League and McKinley's group Faithful Voice both raised a ruckus about the Catholic social service agency's decision to honor Menino this year, on the grounds that the mayor's support for same-sex marriage and a woman's right to choose to have an abortion if she wants one contravenes Catholic teachings. O'Malley bowed out soon after receiving a memo from Doyle chronicling Menino's alleged sins, among them his welcoming of same-sex couples at City Hall on the May 17, 2004, the day the Goodridge ruling took effect; declaring Queer Eye Day back in June; hosting the annual BAGLY prom at City Hall; and hoisting the rainbow flag on City Hall Plaza in recognition of gay pride week each June. McKinley has called for the mayor to be disinvited from the event, a move Catholic Charities has declined to make. The mayor still plans to attend the dinner. and, according to a mayoral spokeswoman, does not take personally O'Malley's decision - which he maintains was made in accord with an edict from the National Council of Catholic Bishops barring Catholic organizations from honoring Catholics who publicly disagree with Church teachings - to skip the event.

In fact, Menino calls the controversy "much ado about nothing," though he is clearly incensed with activists criticizing him for his longstanding support of the gay community.

"This is, once again ... the right wing was trying to divide," Menino told Bay Windows. "I've been a supporter of the gay rights movement since day one. I'll always be. The Church has told me to treat people with respect."

"Catholic Charities allows gay couples to adopt kids," Menino points out. "Gee whillikers, this is an extension of what they do everyday - what I'm doing is what they do. It's about people and how we help people. We still clothe more people, we still house more people, we still feed more people. And to have this controversy, it blows my mind really," he adds. "Who are these people that are so hateful?"

But others will be there to support Catholic Charities and Menino, who is being honored for his work to help the city's most vulnerable populations and his longtime support of the agency. Larry Kessler, a parish council member at Our Lady Help of Christian in Newton and founder of the AIDS Action Committee, has circulated an e-mail urging members of more inclusive Catholic groups like Voice of the Faithful, Friends of Our Lady and the Justice and Peace Committee of Our Lady to express support for the work of both the mayor and Catholic Charities by buying a table at the dinner, which will be held at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Likewise, Harry Collings, a longtime gay activist and head of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, expects that members of the gay community will turn out for the event. "A number of individual people have called me to see if we can put a table together because there's going to be a number of people who are going to boycott the event," says Collings, who plans to attend the dinner. "I think there will be a good number of people from the community in support of the mayor."

Kessler calls O'Malley's withdrawal from the event "absurd." Catholic Charities, Kessler points out, "takes care of so many poor people, elderly people, sick people, handicapped people and that's always been a principle of the mayor, too. So to honor him is certainly logical."

What annoys Kessler even more is O'Malley's speedy response to conservatives like Doyle and McKinley, who focus most of their energies on opposing gay rights and abortion, while refusing to meet with groups like the Justice and Peace Group from Our Lady Help of Christian, which is seeking resolution on the matter of the removal of the Rev. Walter Cuenin - a priest who made his church genuinely welcoming to LGBT Catholics - as pastor of the parish. "He blows people off constantly," Kessler says of the archbishop. Yet when the likes of Doyle and McKinley, both of whom Kessler describes as "whacked" come calling, "he jumps sky high."

Ironically, all of this comes in the midst of the Vatican's newly released policy stating that gay men, those who support gay culture and those with "deep-seated" homosexual tendencies are ineligible for the priesthood, and on the heels of a Nov. 23 letter from O'Malley defending the Catholic Church's opposition to same-sex marriage, while noting "We must strive to eradicate prejudices against people with a homosexual orientation."

Certainly, O'Malley could take a few pointers from Menino on that front.

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