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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 :::

The comments section is really getting fun!

Here's the hose to this bloat:

>>"Feel free to point out where Christ used sarcasm in his ministry. "<<

Again, Noted: NO answer.

>>I have a better idea.<<

However, 3 attempts to change the subject.

"You should have the attitude of Christ".

3:07 PM

carol said...

"Again, Noted: NO answer."

We're quite aware you're not the sharpest tools in the shed - but scroll up a few posts and you'll find this:

*"You brood of vipers"

Wiggle out of that sarcasm.*

Me thinks your system of only duly noting what you want to duly note and scratching out the rest - has fried your cerebellum.

Allow me to take these few minutes to expose the antiChrist in this individual's shtick.

Christ used many people with different styles and different deliveries. St. John the Baptist is their favorite Saint whom they just love to ignore, for instance!

When you see and hear somebody who is pretending that if you are not the Christ, then your style of teaching is "un-Chrisitian"........Instead of focusing on the heresies vs. the truth - they one by one set out to "prove" each person brave enough to teach the truth is not "nice", dontcha know, "like Christ".

What this teaches to the "community" is a self examination that switches from "am I striving to teach the truth, resist my sins and work on not sinning" - - they now "believe" that they are "unworthy" of being a "Christian"....and they leave Christ's Church in droves.

These are the people who will say so and so (faithful to the Magisterium and working on avoiding temptations) is a homosexual, or is "divorced (even though they remain in good standing by obeying the rules)....or they will go back into somebody's history 12 or 20 years to try and dig up some confessed and long ago repented sin - - and exploit the individual they are jealous of - or they need to silence to advance their proabort agenda.

They are the bottom feeders in the scum tank of the Roman Catholic Church - and work to destroy the Catechism with their blather.

When they meet somebody who can dismantle their foolishness and unearth the antiChrist who counsels them - - they drool with revenge.

I'll play the cards though...for giggles:

-the entire conversation with the devil in the desert

- when he told Peter to walk on water knowing he'd sink - - and then taught him after the lesson.

- the entire conversation with the woman at the well when he baited her into saying what he already knew - and then taught her after the lesson in who is God.

Scram honey - what you teach and preach is poison - drink it yourself.

7:39 PM

carol said...

Check mate.

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