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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 :::

Catholic Charities gets another kick in the gut

A top church official in Washington is urging Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley to stop Catholic Charities of Boston from brokering adoptions unless same-sex couples are excluded, a source close to the hierarchy in the capital told the Herald.

The recommendation was contained in a letter sent recently from the office of Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo Higuera, the papal nuncio, the source said on condition of anonymity.

Nothing about the Catholic Charities/Larry Kessler civil rights Christmas party at the Boston Harbour Hotel??

That is puzzling.

Perhaps Marie's source will be faxing her something today too.

The archdiocese, asked about the letter, issued a statement saying, “As a matter of course, the archdiocese does not comment on any private communications it might receive from the Holy See.”

Of course.

That would put quite a kibosh on the private communications it receives from their bosses - the laity.

Evidently, the Holy See is unclear of the magnitude of the problem.

“The dioceses of Massachusetts are currently reviewing the issue of Catholic Charities having facilitated adoptions for same-sex couples,” the statement continues. “The bishops expect to receive a recommendation concerning this matter early in the New Year.”

The Archbishop takes his directives from lay committees. Once the Bishops get their orders from the lay people - the matter will be resolved. Communications from Rome go in the trash.

The only thing we're not saying is the "word" schism.

The sooner Rome wakes up to it, the quicker things will be resolved.

That recommendation will come from a commission that was established to study the situation.

Let's have the decency to be honest. The Chancery is in schism and the Archbishop is under their authority.

Any one reading the material facts who is in their right mind could come to no other conclusion.

The authentic Church takes the recommendations and directives of Rome.

Montalvo, the nuncio, does not have direct authority over O’Malley and the letter was not an order, the source familiar with it said.

According to Archdiocescan officials, the Archdiocese of Boston is no longer under the authority of the Roman Pontiff.

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