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Friday, December 09, 2005 :::

Boston Globe Story Today

Charles Radin actually did a fair and decent job.

We always anticipate a sleaze factor...but I actually feel the article demonstrates exactly what's going on.

I said no thanks to the photo op, incidently.

This was a good line:

Opponents of the conservative activists say they amount to no more than a handful of web loggers and pamphleteers, with an agenda more political than religious.

Same charges they launched against Christ and the 11 pamphleteers 2000+ years ago!

The devil never changes his modus operandi.

''We won't have any chance of defending Catholic values in society at large if these values are not first vindicated and preserved in the church's own institutions," Doyle said. ''A culture of dissent in the church itself is more dangerous to Catholicism than open opposition to Catholic values in secular society."

I'm hard pressed to even entertain the notion that the Archbishop of Boston doesn't know this.

Such sentiments and much harsher language directed at Menino and the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, the president of Catholic Charities, may have set off a counterreaction, judging by the expected presence in tonight's sellout crowd of some noted Catholics who had not planned on attending.

It set off a counterreaction by the proaborts all right. They'll be there with victory flags marking their territory. Make no mistake about it. But, that only goes to serve our purposes. The Archbishop wants a red hat and it's clearer than ever that we have pull in Rome. We can make them or we can break them.

Bryan Hehir will have a full house.

But, we have the Pope.

This is my favorite paragraph:

Hehir declined yesterday to comment on any of the groups. But he said that when Catholic Charities interacts with the government on social issues on which the church and state disagree, ''it is guided by Catholic teaching" that reflects centuries of cooperation.

''We are using the principle of material cooperation," Hehir said.

That man is pure unadulterated evil. He literally send shivers up my spine.

The centuries of cooperation he quotes, he well knows is about feeding the poor. It's not about material cooperation in the evil.

The Centuries of martyrdom are intrinsically about our REFUSALS to materially cooperate in evil.

We best be seeing the announcement that Catholic Hospitals will shut down.

If he and his cronies think we're going to tolerate he and the Archbishop's material cooperation in abortions - we'll chase them out of town faster than you can say Voice of the Faithful.

Stay tuned.

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