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Saturday, December 17, 2005 :::

As if we didn't have enough of the diabolical - here's some news from Our Lady Help of Christians:

Parish Community Meeting, OLF statement, OLF fundraiser
Dear Friends –

We hope you are enjoying the Christmas season and that you’ve been able to attend the wonderful Advent celebrations on Monday nights. They really have helped keep us focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Following are a few updates that we’d like to bring to your attention

Parish Community Meeting – Thank you to all those who participated in the Parish Community Meeting. According to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), we had just under 300 people in attendance. It was good to get together and discuss the situation at Our Lady’s and hear each other's points of view and experiences. The PPC is in the process of tabulating the results of the meeting and of the questionnaires. We do not have a definite date by which they plan to make their recommendations, however, we know that they are working through this stage.

OLF Statement – The PPC is holding their monthly meeting tonight, Tuesday December 13. The steering committee of Our Lady’s Friends has asked to be on the agenda and will take the opportunity to deliver a statement to the PPC with our recommendations. The full statement is attached below (after the fundraiser info) and will be posted on the web site in the near future. The PPC meetings are open to all parishioners. Tonight’s meeting is at 7:30 in Furlong Hall in the Lower Church.

OLF Fundraiser – Still need to do holiday shopping? Malissa Miot, an independent Consultant for Arbonne International (and parishioner of Our Lady’s Parish), is hosting a fundraiser for Our Lady’s Friends. Please stop by, enjoy a refreshment and browse botanically- based skin care, aromatherapy, nutrition, and color gifts from Arbonne. All profits (35%) will go to Our Lady’s Friends. The event will take place Thursday, December 15th, 6:30pm-9:00pm at the Miot residence, 37 Morton Street, Watertown. For more info call Malissa at 617- 733-3415 or

If you can’t attend the fundraiser but still want to get a gift and help with the fundraiser, you can place an order on line at w Click on the shop on-line tab, click on my account and register as a client, fill in your shipping info, click continue and shop on-line. All 35% profit from on- line orders from today until December 17th will go to Our Lady’s Friends. So far we have raised $200!

Text of the OLF Statement for the Parish Pastoral Council

Dear Fellow Parishioners and Members of Our Lady’s Parish Pastoral Council:

“If you want peace, work for justice.” - Pope Paul VI

The past several months have been a period of great heartbreak and turmoil for all of us, caused by the Archdiocese’ unjust removal of our pastor and imposition of his replacement without consultation with the parish. Parishioners have responded with sorrow, protest, prayer, much deliberation and discussion, and, unfortunately, many by withdrawing from the parish. Most of us have felt challenged by our calling to seek justice and, at the same time, our desire to heal the hurt in the parish.

As our Parish Pastoral Council, you forcefully voiced the outrage, shock, and disappointment we felt in your late September statement in calling the charges against Fr. Cuenin “ridiculous on their face”, and in declaring “it would be immoral to remain silent at this time of crisis for our pastor, our parish, and our church”. You have led us in thoughtful and compassionate listening sessions, in fact-gathering, and in the very well executed recent Parish Community Meeting which gave all a chance to articulate their feelings.

Our community is now at a crossroads for justice and healing. We cannot stand by while the Archdiocese stonewalls our pleas, hoping to silence our voices by attrition. You are meeting December 13 to decide what lessons to take from all of this and what actions to take on behalf of the parish. Our Lady’s Friends wants to join with you in action and we have suggestions for your consideration.

As we listened to the voices of the Community Meeting, we heard a strong emphasis on rectifying the injustices the Archdiocese has committed. Very few voices called for the parish to just “move on”, and, as you pointed out, it would be immoral to do so The words of Pope Paul VI give us a similar message: “If you want peace, work for justice”. While we all should be working to keep Our Lady’s strong during this crisis, we must recognize that the wounds cannot be healed until justice is done. Therefore, we urge the Pastoral Council to take the leadership role in seeking to rectify the injustices by fulfilling the call you made in your September statement. Now the parish needs your courageous and vigorous leadership and we in Our Lady’s Friends would embrace it. We believe such activism is essential to maintaining Our Lady’s as the parish that Fr. Walter worked so hard and successfully to build.

Specifically, we recommend that the Parish Pastoral Council:

1) Join with Our Lady’s Justice and Peace Committee in seeking a prompt meeting with Archbishop O’Malley.

2) Adopt as its own and vigorously pursue the demands made by the Justice and Peace Committee in its open letter of October 14 calling on the Archdiocese to:

“Publicly exonerate Fr. Cuenin of all charges of financial impropriety and restore his ability to function as a pastor and parish priest in this Archdiocese.
Offer public apologies to Fr. Cuenin and all the parishioners of Our Lady’s.
As the logical and necessary result of his exoneration, offer to Fr. Cuenin full reinstatement as pastor of Our Lady’s. Fr. Cuenin must choose freely whether he will accept such an offer, but justice demands that the offer be made.
If Fr. Cuenin should decline this offer of reinstatement, convene an open search process, involving the laity, to name the new permanent pastor of Our Lady’s. If Fr. Coyne should be hired at the end of such a process, the community would likely accept his appointment more easily.
Cease calls for our parish to ‘turn the page’. Our wounds are deep; only through honest and patient work on the part of the Archdiocese and the parish can healing and reconciliation begin.”

3) Add to these the demand that the Archdiocese make up the shortfall in contributions to Our Lady’s, a deficit which has been directly caused by the destructive actions of the Archdiocese.

4) If the Archdiocese does not respond positively to these requests after a reasonable interval, take our case to the Metropolitan Tribunal in accord with canon law which states: “Christ’s faithful may lawfully vindicate and defend the rights they enjoy in the Church before the competent ecclesiastical forum in accordance with the law.” [Canon 221, §1]

Our Lady’s Friends would welcome the opportunity to be in full support of the Pastoral Council in pursuing these objectives. We will be available to support you in any way you wish.

[End of statement]

***If you’d like to be removed from this email list, please reply with “remove” in the subject line.***

Our Lady's Friends



This is exactly how they got control of nearly every parish in the diocese - and in fact, the United States.

Yesterday - as reported on Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
, Archbishop Burke has declared that St. Stanislaus is in formal schism.

Excuse me - - but exactly what makes St. Stanislaus any different from nearly every parish in Boston other than the fact they're doing it on the QT and the Bishop is pretending along with them as he appoints THEM to form our children's discernment.

Those us pointing it out are acting on the side of truth. The Menino's and Hehir's and Fran Kisslings and McFaddens who work against us at the State House - and the work they are doing inside of our parishes - - is THE SAME END.

Why are we financing it?

What we need is about 20 parishes in the diocese with the 30 priests we have left who adhere to the priniciples of the faith and teach them with courage. The rest are schismatic....and it's time to let them go. Pull the Crucifix off the walls - Pull out our relics and the Blessed Sacrament and sell the buildings to house the poor.

Make one or two or three, housing for our priests who retire...

That's where I am with it.

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