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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 :::

What a tragedy

On Sunday, EMTs responded to a medical emergency call from the second floor apartment on Congress Street. They found McCormick clad in fetish gear, dead of a heart attack, surrounded by chains, wetsuits, and masks, as well as illicit drugs, police said.

A bright young man, a double major from MIT, talented....lost to the philosophies of the Massachusetts Legislature & Voice of the Faithful.

State Representative Brian Wallace, whose district includes the Congress Street apartment and who has been briefed on the investigation, said: ''It was a good-sized lab. . . . Some of the people were shocked at the size of it."

The duplicity is staggering.....Massachusetts politicians this week were promoting a Bill that would permit drug addicts to buy syringes over the counter....sometime prior to the sexual beastality Bill.

I wonder if the geniuses up at the Chancery will want to add this sexual story to their Talking about Touching program...."Ian has a problem" how one of them starts off....then it goes on to describe the details of the sexually depraved maniacs and tell them it's their job to fight them off because the Bishops have no intention of removing people with these kinds of ideas floating around in their heads...unless, of course - the individual is stealing their money.

''He was a light artist whose work was greatly admired," Nancy Sterling, a spokeswoman for the company, said yesterday. ''He will be missed by his many friends and colleagues."
Jonathan Bachrach, a research scientist and organizer of art exhibits at MIT, called McCormick ''a pioneer in technology-based art" and said he was well known around the school and in the art community.

Speak of the devil...I just got word that enough flack has been raised about Fr. Parise to have his website taken down. It's been reading bandwith error for a few days - - but I heard the site actually came down.

I pray that somebody cared enough for Fr. Parise to usher him to the counseling and pastoral care that was crying out from his "art work".

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