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Sunday, November 13, 2005 :::

U.S. Catholic Magazine has a story this month about the priests who have abandoned the Sacrament of Confession.

I don't know the magazine - the article gives off a smelly smell.

Communal penance services, coupled with individual Confessions, were first introduced with the 1973 publication of the new Rite of Penance, which also introduced face-to-face Confession as an option. According to Boston College’s O’Toole, communal penance services have more widespread appeal than individual Confession in part because of some of the theological foundations laid out by the Second Vatican Council.

“Their appeal is probably connected to the changes in the Mass as people got used to more participation in Sunday Mass,” O’Toole said. “Things that were communal seemed normal to them. Catholics learned to think of the sacramental stuff in a communal sense.”

No mention of the fact that there is no absolution in the whacky "communal" service. It's not a sacrament, there is no removal of sins - unless you move into the Confessional to execute the Sacrament. I wonder if the author even knew.

The poverty the Bishops ignore on their pursuit to be adored as a superhero.

For some Catholics, finding a priest they are comfortable enough to talk to can present a challenge

The understatement of the century.

But, the good news is - we've gained a number of priests who had an epiphany in the past five years. When the "crisis" hit Boston and people started contacting me to tell me they were "the only ones" in their parish who adheres to the faith....I could not believe the extent of the schism. The number of parishes that were schismatic was shocking to me.

The transfiguration is coming about in pockets of places...and it will enough to get us through.

Once the document comes out from the Vatican on November 29th - it will make it harder and harder for the schismatic priests to operate. The cowards will fall silent because not only because they want their pay check...but because the people in the pews, the schismatic bullies...are going to mosey on down the road. They won't be there to back up the schismatic priests. We will be forcing their silence - as we are doing now with Hehir - until they are muffled to our satisfaction. their deafening silence - the few people who teach the authentic faith will echo.

Smaller, leaner...louder.

IT's all good.

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