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Carol M. McKinley

Thursday, November 24, 2005 :::

Today's story in the Globe annoucing the archbishop's decision to bow out of the Catholic Charities event

Some Catholics had argued that such a boycott would only hurt the poor who are served by Catholic Charities, an arm of the archdiocese that provides discounted fuel, food, and other basic services to 150,000 needy people every year. But O'Malley's decision puts him squarely among those who argued that to honor Menino at the fund-raiser would be to contravene the most basic precepts of Catholicism.

Puts him square with the rest of us who are square with the Pope.

Seth Gitell, a spokesman for Menino, said that ''the mayor understands the difficult position the archbishop is in, particularly given the position of the bishops' conference. At the same time, the mayor looks forward to an important, vibrant event that focuses on his core mission and the core mission of Catholic Charities -- helping people."

Menino's core mission of helping people murder is something Catholic Charities will overlook and throw you a vibrant party if you give them money or help them to raise money.

Before December 9th comes and goes - the Mayor is going to have a better understanding of the difficult position every pro-lifer in Boston is going to be in:

''We thought it was an act of courage and integrity and of fidelity to the teachings of the church," he said.

It's fascinating to see the left arm of the Bishop pretending that can publicly disobey the directive and the Bishop pretending he has no control over it.

It's not going to fly - but it's fascinating.

So if Fr. Farren leaves the seminary - and they make Hehir or one of his ilk the Rector, what good is the document coming out of Rome?

Are we supposed to be satiated if his action item was to refuse to attend the graduation after four years of pointing out how Hehir is defying Rome?

I'm very grateful - not only that O'Malley pulled out, but that he didn't make up an excuse - - he came right out and said the reasons why he was, essentially, boycotting the event. His actions were righteous and his statment truthful and forthright.

But - when priests are going awry and astray--an action needs to be taken - either by the Archbishop of Boston whose arm it is - or if he refuses - the Vatican.

That was the heirarchal flaw that we insist be corrected.

Somebody has got to help us yank people out when they are injuring, thwarting, harming, promoting immorality and murder.

Call this a hunch - - but tagging Hehir with spiritual leprosy is going to leave an indellible mark on his discernment. Serious damage has been done to his smooth-talking dog and pony show.

Catholic Charities' president, the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, a former dean of Harvard Divinity School who was named to his current post by O'Malley two years ago, was not available for comment yesterday.

I bet.

Here's some good news:

One commentator said that the notion of trying to uphold the Catholic Church's teachings on abortion and marriage, in this case, appears to undermine the church's mission to aid the poor.

''It seems to be a bit of a contradiction," said Thomas O'Connor, a Boston College history professor who has written extensively on the relationship between the Catholic Church and City Hall in Boston. ''People who are pledged to the right to life are adopting a policy that will, in effect, be denying the raising of money for Catholic Charities, whose function is to prolong life."

All the usual suspects couldn't think of something to say - so they dug up the supposed expert on the Catholic Church and City Hall - who claims if Catholic Charities raises money by honoring the Mayor who'll run back to City Hall to work on the facilitation of women to abortions - their shtick is about prolonging life.

Do you suppose if Fran Kissling served in the soup kitchens and they wanted to honor her - they'd use the excuse she prolongs life?

How asinine!

To those who have emailed, left messages about helping - - yes - I will need your help this week.

We have some surprises in store for Catholic Charities.

More on that later.

I'm going to need people to contact, fax, call 1. Donors of Catholic Charitis. 2. Board Members of Catholic Charities. 3. Prolife, orthodox groups to tell them even the AB is boycotting and they need to make a statement to their people and to the press. 4. We're going to be contacting Rome - so I'll need people to fax over a few dicastries and the Pope himself regarding Catholic Charities going forward with honoring the Mayor. (We'll be helping with wording, etc, but you'll need to fax yourselves and solicit others to do so)

The lists are being gathered - strategy tightened up.

Hope you all had a great day of giving Thanks to our Lord for His bounty He so willingly shares.

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