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Sunday, November 20, 2005 :::

Story in today's Globe about the Catholic Charities Boycott and Demonstration

''It's unacceptable for [Catholic Charities] to honor someone who stands in the public square and mischaracterizes our faith,"

Short term goals are the boycott - longer term goals in the next six months will contacting personally their donors (listed on their annual report) and going down the list in an effort to persuade them to halt contributions to Catholic Charities and instead

1...funnel their money to social service groups that serve the poor that do not fraudulently use their power to discredit the Roman Catholic Faith - - and

2...funnel it into people who are out in the public square defending our families from the lies spun out by the frauds and schismatics using their positions to misrepresent our religion in front of our children.

3...make a public statement and/or call the archbishop to tell him why they are halting their contibutions.

McKinley said the activists plan to urge boycotts of the charity well beyond the benefit dinner, hoping to reduce donations by at least $100,000 in the next six months.

She said the activists have already asked about 10 donors to withdraw their tables, and plan tomorrow to call the Knights of Columbus, an international Catholic men's fraternal benefit society with 45,000 members in Massachusetts.

Richard Guerriero, state deputy of the Knights of Columbus, said he knows about the boycott efforts although his group has not been formally contacted.

''We just received the announcement of Mayor Menino being honored and I have not discussed it with my board yet," said Guerriero, who said the issues are worth considering. ''We traditionally do go to the Catholic Charities dinner but we have not made a decision right now."

Good for him - we haven't had an opportunity to contact them yet - but they are on the list for tomorrow's phone calls...along with some high-level donors.

Paul Grogan, president of The Boston Foundation, which was identified by Catholic Charities in its 2004 annual report as a major donor contributing more than $10,000, said the foundation plans to attend the dinner regardless of the boycott.

''Catholic Charities is a wonderful organization that serves the poor in our community," Grogan said. ''People trying to reduce funds for the poor as a way to protest the political position of the mayor is not something we have any sympathy with."

I have already emailed Mr. Grogan and intend to straighten out his mischaracterization of the facts.

We are asking the donors, for instance - to give to efforts like those of Fr. Paul O'Brien in Lawrence. There are many, many, many organizations and efforts for the poor. Why on earth would he say we are trying to hurt the poor?

We are:

1. Asking Catholic Charities as a Roman Catholic organization to cease and desist from their actions of dissent from the Catechism.


2. Take the word "Catholic" off their name.

Plain and simple.

Of course they do wonderful work - but the word "Catholic" means something to those of us who are trying to keep our children from being persuaded into the hands of the various spiritual predators....and they are mucking it up.

The poverty of the truths of our religion among our people, is a project worthy of simultaneous and cohesive activism. When the word "Catholic" is on a mission - it demands it.

''If the mayor says here are the things you can think when you're Catholic, he's basically saying your moms and dads are wrong," McKinley said.

He has no right to use his position to defy and oppose the Catechism in front of our children. For the Archbishop to "honor" him with one of his arms - - is, to say the least, duplicitious.

Think like a child trying to weave your way through this Valley of the culture - - it affirms the "Voices" who tell them Menino's discernment on the Catechism is worthy of honor.

It is unnacceptable.

In addition to McKinley's efforts, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts sent a letter to Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley on Friday, asking him not to attend the dinner because Menino is invited.

C.J. Doyle, the league's executive director, in a phone interview yesterday cited the archdiocese's policy ''prohibiting church agencies from either honoring or providing a public forum for political figures who dissent from Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life."

''Mayor Menino's presence at this dinner represents an inexplicable and egregious violation of their own policy," Doyle said.

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