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Friday, November 25, 2005 :::

Stem Cell Yahoo in Tokyo who created the first cloned human embryo and the first cloned dog, apologized yesterday for ethical breaches at his lab and said he would resign from all his official posts

Hwang, 52, admitted his team had used ova samples extracted from two of his junior scientists during research that led to the team's historic cloning of a human embryo in 2003.

They're all having trouble finding mother's willing to donate their children for their Frankenstein experiments and, as predicted, they are frantic and exploiting women to keep their experiments going. This bloat exploited his coworkers.

Doing it the "regular way" - - pumping infertile women with fertility drugs distort their mind and emotions and will later lead to breast cancer - - in order to have a lot of extra children laying around in laboratories, isn't panning out for them. The women aren't turning their children over in the pace the stem cell folks expected them to.

''Being too focused on scientific development, I may not have seen all the ethical issues," Hwang said.

Pity he had to go all the way to the gutter before he admitted it, but, that's the way it goes sometimes.

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