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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 :::


Where would I begin....

The Volvo is back (people were living in it in Boston).....I've lost complete control of answering emails and calling people back (I'm sorry!!!)...and if you thought the traction on the Catholic Charities/Menino situation was escalating a few days ago....Menino's doozies in this article have proven our case for the necessity of further action.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said yesterday that critics campaigning to have him ousted as keynote speaker at a Catholic Charities fund-raiser next week are blinded by anger and risk weakening the Catholic Church by making it more exclusive.


The exclusion of his advocacy of immorality and murder are weakening their grip and there was nowhere to go with it but to say we're all wound up in anger over the "crisis".

''Faith, hope, and charity, that's what the church is about," the mayor said in his first public remarks on the issue since Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley announced last week he would not attend the event. ''If these people are Catholic and charitable, where does this animosity come from? They are not charitable at all. As a Catholic, I am trying to help people and give them hope every day."

What's his point? Cardinal Law had faith, hope and charity and tried to help people and give them hope every day too. Where did everyone's animosity come from?

"But people make mistakes, and it needs forgiveness. We've got to get beyond it now."

What does all this have to do with the material facts? There's a rule, the Mayor doesn't meet the criteria to be the recipient of "honor" by the Roman Catholic Church and we intend to hold the Archbishop, Fr. Hehir, the Board at Catholic Charities accountable for not following the rules.

Did you catch this:

''That's what we were trying to do," he said, referring to himself and O'Malley.

The mayor claims the honor was a scheme of he and the Archbishop and we're mucking up their plans.

Carol McKinley -- a founder of Faithful Voice, an antiabortion group campaigning to have Catholic Charities disinvite Menino -- rejected Menino's contention that the effort is rooted in anger. She said the mayor's positions are contrary to church teaching.

''This is about an internal schism in our religion; Menino's comments clearly show that," McKinley said. ''He is trying to portray our efforts to preserve the tenets of our religion for our children as angry and hateful."

Incidently...I don't want him disinvited from the event - - I want the Archbishop to be in compliance with the rules, that he not provide the platform and he give the order for Menino be disinvited as the keynote speaker honoree.

McKinley and other activists say O'Malley's withdrawal does not put the archbishop in compliance with the policy. They assert that Menino should be denied the Catholic Charities honor and platform altogether, something they say O'Malley could demand if he so desired.

Has nothing to do with desire. None of us desire it. The Archbishop is required to be in compliance. All we're doing is holding up the continued honoring and saying this isn't going to fly as compliance and explain the reasons why...

Menino said that Catholic Charities, which is the largest social-service agency in Massachusetts, is a legally separate entity from the archdiocese. He said that he was not angry at the withdrawal of O'Malley, who was ''prohibited by the bishops' council" from participating. ''I don't agree with that decision, but I respect it," Menino said. ''I like O'Malley."

That respect needs to extend to every Catholic who is also prohibited from attending the honor.

While we're at it, we're asking the Archbishop to make corrections on Menino's errors publicly. Catholic Charities is subordinate and under obedience to the Archbishop and the Roman Catholic Church.

Exactly as we said it would - it's giving people the idea that CC is a different entity legally and can make decisions that trump Rome.

If CC is a legal entity worthy of not following the rules-- then so are get the drift?

Explaining his views on the relationship between his faith and his political life, Menino, who is a church-going Catholic, said that the church should teach to the faithful but should not interfere in issues that involve the civil rights of the entire population.

When the church tries to exert political pressure to bring civil policy in line with its teachings, Menino said, ''I can argue with them, and I can not respect them for those decisions."

''When the pope speaks on doctrine, that is absolute," Menino said. ''I don't think choice and gay marriage are doctrine."

Menino said that as upset as he was by the sexual abuse scandal and its aftermath, ''I still have a church and a God I believe in."

''Why do we keep going with this anger?" he said. ''None of us likes everything that goes on."

Suddenly, the tables are turned that's where we went with it.

I was speaking to Margery Egan today...trying to navigate her through the dung... and she said that she couldn't believe that our "side" had drawn the line in the sand".

You know what they say about the Gates of Hell and all...

Who knew.

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